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When a friend said to us, "No, I haven't watched the latest Brazzers scene yet. I'm still at work" it sent us into a tailspin. We found ourselves pondering a serious dilemma, what does someone, who has to sit in office all day, do when watching adult entertainment is frowned upon? Worried for those less fortunate souls we knew we had to do something to help. One, because we're givers. Two, because we really like having more reasons to interact with exceptionally hot women. So with only those poor office dwellers best interests at heart we created ZZinsider. ZZinsider goes where other sites are afraid to. We have compiled the hottest high quality galleries of the best adult stars in the industry. We take you on set; show you the making of your favorite scenes and the hilarious bloopers that can go along with them. Now you can get to know your favorite adult stars without worry. ZZinsider has compiled the best interviews and reviews with the most popular babes in the business. Look at that, we're even educational. All of this and we still managed to create a site about adult stars and keep it PG-13. That is nearly an impossible feat. Excuse us while we pat ourselves on the back in a very non sexual and non adult way.