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im yomamaexgf

Well im a part of the short films of New Brunswick.Right now i am writing my next short film. I made my 1st film when i was 9 an a half called Hell-Dog. it will be out on big screen soon i hope. My next film is all about a kid growing up gettin abuse all his life till he finally had it an ran away. I work as a farmer on The North Humberland Dairy Farm. Big hit all over New Brunswick. I am a Ex olympic Wrestler for Bear Creek. I broke my knee in one of the matches. I always came 1st and sometimes last. When I 1st start off on a new website i kinda suck but after i get use to seein what you guys like then ill go on after that. I no i dont have the best films yet. But by this summer of 2011 i no i prob will.... So i hope you guys will watch me