Yvonne Fleming Yvonne Fleming

Yvonne Fleming

is looking for a job writing and performing comedy...she is seriously funny.

Yvonne Fleming write and performs comedy for private and public events. She is well versed in several professions, including being a hyper-vigilant super hero (discovered and developed through a series of tragic events). She is driven by a need to teach, help, mentor, and always see’s the glass as half-full, although her obsessive compulsiveness cannot help but see the lip prints on the glass as well. If you’ve seen Comedy Central, Comic Relief, The Tonight Show, An evening at the Improv—then you already have that in common because she has seen them too. Yvonne is a writer, comedian, musician, bit confused, actress, available for shows, serious, thinking, funny, complex, athlete…and more. Seriously, she thinks funny.