Which Die Is That Again? Which Die Is That Again?

Which Die Is That Again?

A fantasy comedy web series about a misfit group that comes together to play a table top role playing game.

This is my stab at really getting this series out there. It lives on YouTube and (more recently) Amazon but Funny or Die seems like a great place to inhabit because, who doesn't want to have a show on Funny or Die? Initially created six or so years ago when Justin and I were playing D&D. What you see in the first episode is pretty much what happened. Well, a version of what happened... or could have happened. The characters (at least he and I) were built from aspects of our own personalities and then extrapolation. The initial go of the series stared Justin, myself and an ex, who, understandably, chose to leave the show after the breakup. That version of the show prowls in the archives of the YouTubes. This newest iteration (started maybe a year and a half ago) is what you see now. These new characters are people either he or I have played with; the rules lawyer, the sage, the guy who wants to play a sexy barbarian... you get the idea. I'm sure you've played with at least one of them before too. In the vein of "The Guild," this is a show about tabletop gamers, by tabletop gamers, for tabletop gamers (or anyone who enjoys watching a scrawny barbarian fight a squirrel). I'm looking at you. Anyway, that wasn't very eloquent but that's not how I talk (or write) so there it is. I hope you enjoy the show. We've put a lot of time, effort (and money) into this little project and I love it. Getting "Funny" votes would be cool but, honestly, I'm going to keep creating regardless because it's what I love to do. Though I do hope it puts a smile on your face. Your Scrawny Barbarian, Nathaniel Grauwelman (Script/Story/Brian)