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Things that I think are funny that can be identified with... Hmmm... I like a lot of the adult swim stuff including Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Aqua Teen (I hear this is better stoned), Squidbillies (I grew up in the N GA mountains), and Assy McGee. I also liked Tom Goes to the Mayor and Sealab 2021. I am currently on a Daniel Tosh kick, though I am disappointed with the timing on his new DVD. I felt that it was crammed and rushed-like a prostitute. I preferred "True Stories That I Made Up." I liked Carlin, Kinison, and Pryor- before they died. The sex wasn't as good after their death. I liked Eddie Murphy before he broadened his demographic. I like Patton Oswalt- mid drunk- not too! I like Zach Galifianakis. Kids in the Hall, older Mad TV, various seasons of SNL, Mr. Show, and Cops.