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packing major heat.

Werewolf Circus. The Circus started up when one day Cal, Adam, David, and Daniel Childs wanted to start a band. This band went through many a name such as, Doodles of a High School Student, and The Local Giant(s). They practiced maybe 2 or 3 times if even that many. Needless to say it wasn't going anywhere. Fast for-ward to six months later. Adam is now playing the drums instead of the guitar, David bought a bass, and Cal brings his brother Spencer into the picture. One fateful day, Cal calls Adam up and says that he just had a dream in which there was a circus that had Werewolves on the loose. The Circus was born. The band started off as a tribute song to Beth Valsler and her lackluster attention to us as we got mauled by a bear. People enjoyed what they heard and asked when more would be coming. Fast forward another six months or so and The Circus has four or so more songs done and are ready to become a hit. <>And only YOU, the fans, can take them there.