We Have To Move We Have To Move

We Have To Move

We Have To Move is a six-episode web series that follows a Chicago couple desperate to move as they embark on a bizarre and unforgettable apartment hunt through the unpredictable world of Craigslist. Each short episode depicts a different experience of looking at a new place. CREATED BY/WRITTEN BY/STARRING: Marlena Rodriguez (who is now a writer for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) & Daniel Shar (who also co-created the Weird Copcept Album) FEATURING: Damian Anaya, Matt Barats, Blair Beeken, Devin Bockrath, Mike Brunlieb, Jordan Haynes, Kate James, Thomas Kelly, Phil Meister, Lydia Merlot, Jeff Murdoch, Asher Perlman, John Reynolds, and Meaghan Strickland DIRECTED AND EDITED BY: John Shaw PRODUCED BY: Nicole Bishop & Steve Sullivan