Will Ferrell and Chad Smith reprise their epic drum battle — this time with a little help from their friends.

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May 02, 2016


[Audience Cheering]
Will Ferrell: Will: Oh wow!
Will Ferrell: What a great night that was.
Will Ferrell: What a great night.
Will Ferrell: That was a great victory for
me when I beat you Chad--
Will Ferrell: when I beat you,
a professional drummer.
Chad Smith: Unbelievable.
Chad Smith: The fix. Your buddy,
Chad Smith: Jimmy Fallon, you guys...
Will Ferrell: No, that's just pure talent.
Will Ferrell: Pure talent.
Chad Smith: Well, you know what?
Chad Smith: I think we should
have another drum off.
[Crowd Roars with Cheer]
Will Ferrell: Okay, well, I'm not,
Will Ferrell: but I'm not ready to drum.
I'm not ready to drum.
Will Ferrell: Yeah.
Chad Smith: Okay.
Will Ferrell: No. 'Cause I won
that one. I won it.
Chad Smith: Alright, how about this?
Will Ferrell: Yeah.
Chad Smith: What about a team drum off?
[Crowd Cheers]
Will Ferrell: A team drum off?
Chad Smith: A team, traditional, drum off.
Will Ferrell: You have a team. I have a team.
Chad Smith: Oh, I've gotta team.
Oh, I got...
Will Ferrell: Okay. Fine.
Will Ferrell: Would you like to see a
team drum off right now?
[Crowd Roars]
Will Ferrell: Fine. Let's do it.
Let's do it.
Chad Smith: Alright. Alright.
Will Ferrell: You go first.
Chad Smith: Okay.
Chad Smith: Ladies first.
Chad Smith: Alright.
Chad Smith: Will and I, have decided...
we did that. Right?
Chad Smith: So we can't battle each
other anymore. That's done.
Chad Smith: That's done and over. Right?
Chad Smith: I said, naw that's it.
That's been done.
[Crowd Boos]
Chad Smith: No-no-no.
Will Ferrell: Will: But, everyone
knows I was better.
Chad Smith: I have assembled some of the
best drummers in rock and roll,
Chad Smith: and they're here tonight.
[Crowd Cheers]
Will Ferrell: I don't believe it.
I don't believe it.
Chad Smith: My team.
Will Ferrell: Well then, if your team is
so good, who do you have?
Chad Smith: We're going to start off,
ladies and gentleman,
Chad Smith: my first teammate,
Chad Smith: from the mighty Foo Fighters,
Chad Smith: ladies and gentleman,
Taylor Hawkins!
♪ [Drumming is heard] ♪
Chad Smith: Yeah!
Chad Smith: Go!
Chad Smith: Whoo!
Will Ferrell: Will: Wow!
Chad Smith: How about that?
Chad Smith: How about, take that.
Chad Smith: And that's only my first one.
Will Ferrell: Okay.
Will Ferrell: Pretty good Chad Smith. Pretty good.
Chad Smith: Thank you very much.
Will Ferrell: I'm going to come right back at
you though with my first teammate.
Will Ferrell: 14 year-old kid from
Brentwood, California.
Will Ferrell: Put your hands together
for Andy Lee.
♪ [Drumming is heard] ♪
Will Ferrell: Will: Yeah!
Will Ferrell: Andy Lee!
14 years old!
Will Ferrell: Brentwood, California.
Chad Smith: Wow!
Will Ferrell: Checkmate!
Chad Smith: How old? 14?
Will Ferrell: 14.
Chad Smith: 14. Not bad. Not bad.
Will Ferrell: Doesn't even have
pubic hair yet.
[Crowd Laughs]
Will Ferrell: I mean, I don't know.
Chad Smith: We'll check for that later.
Chad Smith: Alright!
Alright! Alright!
Will Ferrell: So, who's next?
Who's next?
Chad Smith: Not bad.
Chad Smith: Alright.
Chad Smith: My 2nd drummer.
Chad Smith: And this gentleman
needs no introduction.
Chad Smith: He's a household name.
Chad Smith: I'm not going to tell you
what band he's from.
Chad Smith: Ladies and gentleman,
show'em enough to win.
Chad Smith: Tommy Lee!
[Crowd Cheers]
♪ [Kick Drum heard] ♪
[Clapping Heard]
♪ [Kick Drum Continues] ♪
Chad Smith: Chad: Whoo!
Chad Smith: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Will Ferrell: What is that?
Chad Smith: And he didn't have to do anything,
except play the kick drum.
Chad Smith: Yeah!
Chad Smith: Alright. Take that funny
man. What do you got?
Will Ferrell: Rock legend, Tommy Lee.
Will Ferrell: Well, there's only one way
to combat Tommy Lee,
Will Ferrell: and that is to come hard
at you with the star of
Will Ferrell: Portlandia, Fred Armisen.
♪ [Drumming is Heard] ♪
[Drumming is Stops]
♪ [Drumming Continues] ♪
Will Ferrell: Fred Armisen!
Will Ferrell: Fred Armisen!
Will Ferrell: Yes!
Will Ferrell: It's a total tie.
You can tell so far.
Chad Smith: Um,
Chad Smith: alright.
Chad Smith: Alright, I gotta bring
out the big gun.
Chad Smith: This is it.
Chad Smith: I'm guaranteed to take
home the hardware.
Chad Smith: I'm going to win, back--
Will Ferrell: It's not the drummer
from Nickelback is it?
[Crowd Laughs]
Chad Smith: He wasn't feeling well.
Will Ferrell: He wasn't feeling well. Okay.
Chad Smith: No-no, I've got better.
I've got better.
Chad Smith: You guys ready for this?
[Crowd Cheers]
Chad Smith: Are you ready for this?
Chad Smith: The drummer from
The Police,
Chad Smith: Stewart Copeland!
♪ [Drumming is Heard] ♪
Chad Smith: Go Stewart!
Go Stewart!
Chad Smith: Yeah!
Chad Smith: Yeah!
Go Stewart!
Will Ferrell: Wow.
Chad Smith: Chad: Come on! Come on!
Chad Smith: Whoo!
Chad Smith: That's it.
It's over. It's over.
Chad Smith: We win. We win.
Will Ferrell: And I always thought Stewart
Copeland played base for The Police.
Chad Smith: Oh no.
Will Ferrell: So, he's not the base player.
Chad Smith: The other guy is--
Will Ferrell: The other guy is.
Chad Smith: --Sting or something.
Chad Smith: Yeah.
Chad Smith: So Will, how do you think
you're doing with your team?
Will Ferrell: Look, I'm not going to lie to you.
I have a total wild card.
Will Ferrell: I didn't have a 3rd drummer.
Will Ferrell: This morning I met a guy at
the Greyhound Bus Depot,
Will Ferrell: who, uh...
Will Ferrell: we just started striking
up a conversation,
Will Ferrell: 'cause I'll go there every
Friday morning, and
Will Ferrell: he seemed like an
applicable gentleman.
Will Ferrell: He said he as taking drumming
courses at a community college.
Will Ferrell: And he said his
name was Mick.
♪ [Drumming is Heard in
the Background] ♪
Chad Smith: Chad: Mick?
Will Ferrell: So, I invited Mick to come.
Chad Smith: Mick. Okay.
Alright, let's see what Mick's got.
♪ [Drumming is Heard] ♪
Will Ferrell: Mick, come on out.
Will Ferrell: Will: Mr. Mick Fleetwood!
Mick Fleetwood: Oh yeah!
Are you with me?
Mick Fleetwood: I said, are you with me?
Mick Fleetwood: Are you with me?
Mick Fleetwood: Are you with me?
♪ [Drumming is Heard
with Mick Yelling] ♪
Mick Fleetwood: Yo!
Mick Fleetwood: Oh!
♪ [Mick Fleetwood with
Marching Band Heard] ♪
Mick Fleetwood: Ooh-Oh!
[Instrumental Ends]
[Crowd is Cheering]
Will Ferrell: Will: Oh my God!
Will Ferrell: I win again!
Will Ferrell: Mick Fleetwood!
Will Ferrell: USC Marching Band!
♪ [Drumming is Heard] ♪
Will Ferrell: Dr. Art Bartner!
Will Ferrell: Mick Fleetwood everyone.
Will Ferrell: Yes.
Will Ferrell: I win again. Now, who
looks stupid Chad?
Will Ferrell: Now, who looks stupid?
Will Ferrell: Alright, that was
pretty spectacular.
Will Ferrell: If you're a graduate from any
other Pac-12 school, I'm sorry
Will Ferrell: you had to endure that,
but too bad.