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Full Credits

Michaela Haas / DJ Sparkle
James Morosini / James
Nathaniel Salisbury / Trent
Kasey Haas / Mom
LeAire George / LeAire
Mary Tio / Mary
Everhet Kokason/ Bar Mitzvah Boy
Gentry White / Deshawn
Daniel Fissmer / Nemo
Garrett Bales / Fink
Daniel Arguedas / Turk
Matt Rosito / Styles
Kirk Kraus / Chad
Stormie Daye / Adrian
Joey Heyden / Billy
Stefanny Delong, Tessa Farias, Katie Garland, Kira Legg
Travis Blankenship, Sammie Gugisch, Gigi Herreros, Kylie Kay, Jamelyn Lee, Kaitlin Morgan, Parker Reese, Piper Reese, Georgia Rose, Griffin Skylark, Madeline Utter, Nancy Cronig, Tim Delaney, Howard Kirschenbaum, Harry Lands, Felicia Lopes, Michael Miller
Directed by / Jack Henry Robbins
Written by / James Gallagher & Jack Henry Robbins
Executive Producer / Tim Robbins
Produced By / Ali Sandler
Co-Producer + Editor / Avner Shiloah
Director of Photography / Dan Chen
Production Designer / Alex Mosley
Art Director / Kendra Bradanini
Graphics / Alexander Gao
Sound Design / Matthew Schwartz
Music Supervisor / Angela Asistio
Associate Producer / Jonathan Ahdout + Nell Sherman
Assistant Director / Jeff Cohn + Nikolai Vanyo
Production Sound / Kevin Meier, Mike Nicastro, Joe Sloan
Additional Camera / Alexander Gao
Additional Editing / David Minick
Colorist / Jordan McNeil
Digital Intermediate by Evidence Labs
Digital Imaging Technician / Cory Sanford
Music Clearances / Sam Belkin
“Swerve Your Whip (f. SOFI)”
Written by Jack Novak & Sofia Toufa
Performed by Jack Novak & SOFI
Courtesy of Jack Novak
“Hey Illuminati”
Written By Zoe Lambert
Performed by No Parents
Courtesy of No Parents
“My Only Star”
Written & Performed by Amy Douglas White
Published by J’aime Trop (ASCAP)
Courtesy of Gentle Beast Productions, Inc.
“Passing Ships”
Written and Performed by Richard Sears
Written and Performed by Todd Osborn
Courtesy of Blueberry Records
“Going Off”
Written by Matt Lieberman and Michael Nicastro
Performed by Magic Bronson
Courtesy of Magic Bronson
“Future Love”
Written by Nicolo Magbanua
Performed by Panic City
Courtesy of Dim Mak Records, Inc.
Published by Dim Mak Publishing
Written by Brittney Bowles / High Pony Publishing (BMI)
Performed by Brazzabelle
Courtesy of Warpath Records
“I Want”
Written and Performed by The Bear
Courtesy of Single Lock Records
By Arrangement with Mixtape Music

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April 10, 2017


00:00:12,096 -->
:00:12,896 [TURNS OFF MUSIC]
Welcome to my room.
These are my CDJs.
And this is my Stanton mixer.
I've had this since
I was about three.
These I got about
maybe six months ago.
They work great.
This is Rebecca.
She's my inspiration.
So he's like--
yeah, that's that.
This is my vinyl player.
This is where I like
get into the zone.
And this is where I
look at new music.
So that's kind of
like my main website.
I go on there daily.
So it's like a daily basis.
00:00:58,550 --> 00:01:01,418
I've been spinning
for three years now.
I started out really loving
the whole French scene.
[INAUDIBLE], Justice, some
Diva [INAUDIBLE] tracks.
Even some Animal Tech House.
But I mix and match
depending on my mood.
00:01:45,920 --> 00:01:49,490 Ultimate
will be my first public show ever.
And I'm really pumped
to see what you guys
will think of me and my set.
00:01:55,950 --> 00:01:56,750 OK.
00:02:01,070 --> 00:02:02,990 [CHATTER]
I've tried all the girl stuff.
I've tried to be good at school.
I tried to do all these sports.
But like DJing was like
the one I stayed with.
And I plan on doing it until
I can't move my fingers.
00:02:35,995 --> 00:02:37,640 We
can't wait to hear Michaela's dank set.
It's going to be dirty.
(SINGING) Explosions in the sky.
We're running out of lights.
It brings us both together
as we all step outside.
This day has been a haze
until I saw your face.
Let's gather ourselves and get
the hell out of this place,
We'll hit it off,
we'll hit it off.
We're not stopping
as those palms drop.
They're going off,
they're going off.
We're not stopping.
00:03:11,587 -->
:03:13,045 Haven't you heard?
There's nothing we can do.
It's the end of the
world for me and you.
It's not about winning for me.
I just really--
DJ is fun.
It's really fun for me.
It's like my life.
I don't ever want
to give up DJing.
00:03:41,880 --> 00:03:42,855
You know, I was nervous.
It was my first year at school.
He comes into my room one
day, and I'm tearing it up,
and he's like, no.
No, you do it too.
And I'm like, yeah.
And he comes in, he comes
over, and he shows me this
crazy little synthesizer track.
And it was like, wow, we have
something here, you know?
And the next Omega
party we had, we were
just like tearing it up, dude.
It was like, we didn't
even practice before then.
And I had set down a track.
And then he just
comes up on top of it
with this rhythm that's just
like, just shaking, dude.
And you can just
see it, you know?
I've never seen a frat
house get that emotional.
00:04:43,390 --> 00:04:46,950
If you listen to other DJs or
other musicians or anyone else,
they produce good
music, whatever.
But anytime you hear ours, it's
just something much deeper.
JAMES: It's just got heart.
TRENT: I think that we
put our relationship
and who we are as a
team into our music.
And I think that
people can feel that.
It's like, the second that you
walk into a room that we're in
and we start playing,
dude, the energy--
->-Is out of control.