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- Meow, meow!
Surprise flatulence! (laughing) Meow, meow!
- You are great.
(heartfelt piano playing)
My bar mitzvah was at Temple Beth Shalom.
I was 13.
And, well, I was high.
- So what I'd like to do is,
we do a little something called
"laughy technique."
And we're gonna learn how to laugh.
And then once we start laughing,
you're gonna feel that joy,
and that "eh" in your gut is gonna go away.
Like that.
I think it's funny when humans make animal noises
with the human face.
I think that's really funny--
- Let me see it.
- Like, hee haw, hee haw.
Like with the human face.
- Is there a Starbucks near here?
- I'd like to try something with you.
Would you tell me that story?
That bar mitzvah story that you started to tell me.
And if we can relive it,
and I can help you through that,
and I will be there for you helping you relive it--
- Do you know that you're yelling?
- I can be there for you.
And help you relive it.
Then we can move past it.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Okay, tell me your name.
- Mort Pfeffermann.
- Okay.
- (singing Jewish prayer)
You know what they didn't tell me?
- What?
- After the prayer,
after the first paragraph,
they didn't tell me that everyone would say "amen."
- So it surprised you?
- Surprised me?
I forgot after that where I was.
- Okay, I'll do it, I'll do it.
- (continues singing Jewish prayer)
No, I forgot it.
- (singing gibberish)
(continues singing gibberish)
- That's not it.
- Sounds like that, so just go ahead.
(singing gibberish)
- (laughing)
It's working.
- Good.
- You're just so incompetent, I love you.
You know what was interesting,
is they opened the Torah,
and I was so high,
these little Hebrew letters just went scurrying off like...
It was great.
(singing Jewish prayer)
- Amen!
- (continues singing)
- Amen!
- (singing)
- Amen!
- (singing)
- (singing gibberish)
Does that feel good?
- Do you prescribe ambien?
(outro music)