Scene Work. James Franco and his brother Dave do a scene from "Rebel Without a Cause."

Full Credits

Produced by Judd Apatow, Andrew Epstein, and Cohen/O'Brien. Directed by Andrew Jay Cohen Written by Brendan O'Brien & Andrew Jay Cohen. Edited by Ryan Case. Special Thanks: Jake Szymanski, Vince Jolivette, and Kate Pulley.


->Now we are going to recreate a scene fromWe were coming right back, I told you.You sure?Sure, I'm sure.Well somebody's gotta say action.Action.
->No, you can't say action.Why not?You're not the director, you're an actor.Okay.So somebody else has to say action.Action.Why did you run out on me?We didn't run out on you.You sure?Sure, I'm sure.Can I keep it?What do you think, here.You want me to rub the jacket against my--Yeah, that's what he did.I'm not gonna rub the jacket against my face.Just rub the jacket against your face and smell it.Why would I wanna smell the jacketBecause that's what he did,That's, I mean that's typical man.Of course, of course I get to be James Dean.Let're such a good actorYou can't play James Dean, I'm James Dean.I...Actors sniff jackets.Okay, well--Actors act, actors sniff jacketsOh...He did.
->Okay.You're a rebel without a cause?You sniff it.
->You sniff it.Nope.Just what I thought, you don't know how to act.