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Full Credits

God: Zack Poitras
Prince: Arthur Meyer
Producer: Matt Klinman
Producer: Zack Poitras
Writers: Zack Poitras, Arthur Meyer
Edited by: Zack Poitras
Directed by: Zack Poitras

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May 03, 2016


Arthur Meyer: So I was in the shower, and
suddenly, just right in my head
Arthur Meyer: Sign 'O' the Times.
Arthur Meyer: And I'm like, oh my God, I gotta make
an album called Sign 'O' the Times.
Zack Poitras: Great.
Arthur Meyer: At first, it was going to be a book
of funny signs that you see on the street,
Arthur Meyer: you know, when you pass a sign,
and it says like Speed Limit 60,
Arthur Meyer: but some kid
changes it to 69.
Arthur Meyer: Like, it was going to be a book
of that, but then I was like,
Arthur Meyer: well no, I guess I'm a musician.
So, I'll make a music album.
Zack Poitras: Recording?
Alright, here we go.
Zack Poitras: Hello, and welcome to
Good God with God.
Zack Poitras: I am God, and today's episode
is brought to you by the Bengal tiger.
Zack Poitras: Man, what a tiger.
Zack Poitras: I made it. I love it.
Check it out.
Zack Poitras: Today we have a very special guest.
He's one of the greatest musicians of all time,
Zack Poitras: and he's now up here in Heaven, hanging
out, and we're so happy to have him.
Zack Poitras: Prince! Prince!
Hello. How are you?
Arthur Meyer: Hello God.
Thank you. It's good to be here,
Arthur Meyer: both on the show
and in heaven.
Zack Poitras: Ah, man. I just want to
say right here, right now,
Zack Poitras: I didn't have anything to
do with your passing.
Zack Poitras: It was some terrible virus,
or something, you know, but
Zack Poitras: I am glad you are here.
Arthur Meyer: I appreciate you clarifying that,
because I was a little confused there.
Arthur Meyer: Is this God's doing?
It's nice to know that it's not.
Arthur Meyer: So, thank you.
Zack Poitras: So Prince, I gotta ask you like, what
do you think of Heaven so far?
Zack Poitras: You liking it?
Arthur Meyer: Oh, Heaven is great.
Arthur Meyer: I really am floating
on clouds.
Zack Poitras: Yeah.
Zack Poitras: A lot of orgies
too, you know.
Arthur Meyer: That's crazy.
Zack Poitras: Yeah.
Zack Poitras: Heaven, I mean, you know,
they're all over the place.
Zack Poitras: You can participate whenever
you want, you know. I haven't.
Arthur Meyer: You've never been
in an orgy?
Zack Poitras: Nope. The closest thing I've ever done to sex is
is impregnating Mary from behind the curtain.
Arthur Meyer: Oh yeah, that's right.
Arthur Meyer: That was crazy
that you did that.
Zack Poitras: Yeah, I was so nervous.
Zack Poitras: I was sweating. I didn't even
know I could sweat.
Zack Poitras: I'm definitely one of the more
prude beings up in heaven.
Arthur Meyer: I totally get that.
Arthur Meyer: A lot of people think that I go
commando all the time, because I'm Prince
Arthur Meyer: and I'm just like, no I
don't go commando.
Arthur Meyer: I actually like wearing boxers,
because they're nice and loose.
Zack Poitras: Yeah.
Arthur Meyer: 12 year old boys wear boxers,
and then I wear boxers to.
Zack Poitras: Sure, just because you got something in common
with 12 year olds doesn't mean that is weird.
Arthur Meyer: Not at all. Sometimes I just go to Little
League baseball parks and watch the kids play,
Arthur Meyer: and that's not weird.
That's because I like baseball,
Arthur Meyer: especially at the Little League level.
Zack Poitras: I mean, yeah, you get to see little hits--
Arthur Meyer: Little groundouts.
Zack Poitras: --little kids, big dads. It's great.
Arthur Meyer: That actually inspired
the album Purple Rain.
Zack Poitras: Little League Baseball
inspired Purple Rain?
Arthur Meyer: It was originally going to be
called Purple Rain Out, you know
Arthur Meyer: when games get rained
out by the the rain.
Zack Poitras: And also because you
like the color purple?
Arthur Meyer: I love purple.
Zack Poitras: It's a great color.
Arthur Meyer: Although, to be honest, I've gotten
a little bit tired of it recently.
Zack Poitras: Sure. So if you could have gone
back would you have been like,
Zack Poitras: I want to go for
this new color?
Arthur Meyer: Brown.
Zack Poitras: Really?
Arthur Meyer: Yeah brown. It's the color of the
some of the most beautiful things
Arthur Meyer: if you think about it.
Zack Poitras: Absolutely. Trees.
Arthur Meyer: Trees are brown.
Zack Poitras: Good soil.
Arthur Meyer: Coffee.
Arthur Meyer: Plus the best
dessert of all time.
- Brownies.
- Pudding.
Arthur Meyer: Brownies. Oh yeah, pudding.
Zack Poitras: You said pudding again.
I just repeated myself.
Arthur Meyer: Well, some pudding
is white or vanilla.
Zack Poitras: So Prince, I heard that like you
have a vault of just tons of stuff:
Zack Poitras: videos, more music...
Arthur Meyer: Gum. I have a lot
of gum in there.
Zack Poitras: You have a lot
of gum in there?
Arthur Meyer: Yeah, just in case I
ever get bad breath.
Arthur Meyer: There is a big section of gum in there
that definitely reminds me of the coins
Arthur Meyer: from the Scrooge
McDuck TV show.
Zack Poitras: There's so much gun that
you can like dive in it?
Arthur Meyer: Yeah, you can
dive in it.
Arthur Meyer: Did you ever watch
The Scrooge McDuck show?
Zack Poitras: You talking about DuckTales.
Arthur Meyer: I think it was called
The Scrooge McDuck show.
Zack Poitras: Uh, okay Prince.
We'll disagree there.
Arthur Meyer: Well, I can't do that I
can't move on until...
Zack Poitras: Well, it's called DuckTales Prince.
I mean you're wrong.
Arthur Meyer: It's about Scrooge McDuck,
because it's not about Huey, Dewey, and Louie.
Zack Poitras: He's still a duck and
it's a tale about him.
Arthur Meyer: Wait, Duck Tales?
Zack Poitras: Yeah. T A L E S.
Tales. A-woo-oo.
Arthur Meyer: Okay, now my mind feels
like the pretzel knot.
Zack Poitras: You know, It's okay. That
happens to our heads all the time.
Zack Poitras: Who is your favorite musician
to play with?
Arthur Meyer: John Popper, lead singer
of Blues Traveler.
Zack Poitras: John Popper is your favorite
person to collaborate with?
Arthur Meyer: He's amazing. Amazing.
He just opened up to me one night,
Arthur Meyer: and we even tried to release
an album of conversations.
Arthur Meyer: It was called Prince Popper.
Zack Poitras: So you guys recorded conversations,
and you wanted to
Zack Poitras: put out an album
called Prince Popper.
Arthur Meyer: It's in the vault next
to my Fruit Stripe gum.
Zack Poitras: What else is in that vault
other than that gum?
Arthur Meyer: Imma be honest.
It's mostly gum.
Zack Poitras: Well, that's all the time
we have on Good God.
Zack Poitras: I just want to say thank
you to Prince.
Zack Poitras: Sorry that your time on
Earth was as short as it was,
Zack Poitras: but I think you're going
to really enjoy Heaven.
Arthur Meyer: Thank you so much God.
Arthur Meyer: It's great to see
you again.
Zack Poitras: Today's episode was brought
to you by, Bengal tigers.
Zack Poitras: They are orange. They creep around.
They're so cute and cuddly.
Zack Poitras: But stay away, because they
are dangerous wild animals.
Zack Poitras: I made them. I love them.
Check them out.
Zack Poitras: God out!