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Full Credits

Jared: Joshua Sharp
Ivanka: Aaron Jackson
Director/ Writer: Langan Kingsley
Editor: Hannah Levy
Executive Producer: Kate Lilly
Producer: Nikil Shyam Sunder
Director of Photography: Michael Rossetti
1st AC/ Swing: Benjamin Rutkowski
Gaffer/ Key Grip: Matt Krueger
Production Designer: Lauren Ivy
HMU: Brenna Haukedahl
Stylist: Alyx cohen
Stylist: Natalie Berwanger
Sound/ Boom Op: Chris Bennett
Truck/Set PA: Drew Taylor
Locations: Robin Edelman


(Jared sighs)
->Fore! (chuckling)Ouch, Jared!My goodness, my darling, I'm so sorry.No, don't kiss it.Right, of course.I don't want your slobber
all over the patent leather.
->Yeah, no slobber on patent leather.I don't think anyone
would wanna see that.
Jared, please try to
get good at golf, okay?
Daddy invited you to
Mar-A-Lago with Rex Tillerson,
Sean Hannity, and Steve Harvey.
I don't want you to
embarrass yourself as usual.
->No, and I don't want
to embarrass myself.
Or you, or yourself or Daddy's self.
So I will get better and I
will, you watch, right now.
->He's not your dad.I do love Steve Harvey.
->Oh my God, he's hilarious.And underrated, too.
->Yeah.Okay, here we go.Jared.Mm.You look like a
cartoon of a drunk camel.
Aren't white people good at golf?
Now I understand why
your dad went to jail.
->You watching, Ivanka?
->I am.You watching, look,I should've married Topher Grace.Do over!Just pretend that the hole is moneyOkay...Ow, Jared, you hit my foot again!Ooh, my foot, ooh.I'm not gonna kiss your foot.I've been to Iraq.No, you haven't.No wonder they haven't gotten my mail.What have you put in the letters?Just secrets.
->No, Jared!I have a pen-pal in Kabul.Never secrets in the mail!You wanna play more putting?It's called golf.Let's play putt, swinging and putting.It's called golf, Jared.Ivanka, let's play putting.(laughing) It's not
putting, Jared, it's golf.
I'll take your dick out of
your cage if you get it in.
Jared, you cannot be sending mail.
->I made pen-pals when I was there.No.
->Lots of 'em.Mm.All boys, don't worry.(chuckling)Am I good at petting?
->No, you're very bad.Mm, what am I good at?