Huey Lewis is here to ask you "Do You Like Huey Lewis and the News"

Full Credits

Starring: Huey Lewis & Weird Al Yankovic
Director/Editor- Pat Bishop
Writers -Charles Ingram & Nick Corirossi
Producer-Jason Carden & Ben Sheehan
DP- Kevin Stewart
AC-Christian Armada
Grip- Jordan Downey
Gaffer- David Cronin
Production Designer -Tricia Robertson & Mike Robertson
Sound - Danny Carpenter for BoTown Sound
Wardrobe- Lauren Morelli
Hair/MU- Jessica Leigh Schwartz
PA- Matt Sweeney

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Huey: Do you like American Psycho?
Weird Al: It's okay.
Huey: Although originally polarizing
to audiences and critics alike,
it developed a much
deserved cult following
when released on Digital
Video Disc, or DVD.
There it found a second life
and really came into its own
commercially and artistically.
The movie works both as a grim
examination of male vanity
while also maintaining real genre
thrills, justifying these tonal shifts
by placing the audience inside the
head of the duplicitous lead character.
Christian Bale's dynamite
performance gives it a big boost.
The role almost went to Leo
but nobody could have brought
that certain affluence and
charisma to it quite like Bale,
a role he later recalled a shade of in
Christopher Nolan's Batman pictures.
Weird Al: Hey.
Huey: Yes Al?
Weird Al: Why are there
newspapers all over the place?
Is that like a Huey Lewis on the
news joke or something? (laughs)
Huey: No, Al.
Weird Al: Hey is that a raincoat?
Huey: Yes it is.
In 2005, Lionsgate released
this, the uncut version.
I think it's an undisputed masterpiece.
A movie so entertaining most people
probably don't listen to the message.
But they should because it's not
just a great character study,
but a sardonic metaphor for
's greed and materialism.
Hey Al!
Try parodying one of my
songs now you stupid bastard.
('I Want a New Duck' by
Weird Al Yankovic playing)