When you have to face the fact that Donald Trump might be your next president, try... more »

Full Credits

Writer/Director/Editor - Hannah Levy & Adriana Robles
Producer - Sean Dacanay
DP - Matt Sweeney
Gaffer - Jenn Cohen
Key Grip - Max Erwin
Swing - Matt Krueger
Production Coordinator - Matt Meyers
1st AD - Martell Harding
Production Design - Chad Phillips
Hair/Makeup - Erin Blinn
Sound - GoPal Bidari


For months I was in denial.
♪ [Somber Toned] ♪
I couldn't believe this
was happening.
And it only kept
getting worse.
Male Narrator: When it comes to
fixing our broken, nutso,
freaky-deaky country, you might
think there's nothing you can do.
And while there's no way to
fix our political system--
Donald Trump: Donald Trump: Make America
great again.
Male Narrator: --there is a way to
make things feel a whole lot better.
Try yelling,
I tried everything:
logging off Facebook,
heavy sighing.
I even tried heroin,
but nothing was working.
Male Narrator: It's been
working for dad's who've
hit their thumbs with
hammers for years,
and now the FDA has
approved yelling, "Fuck"
for election relief.
While yelling fuck can't
reverse the series of
unmitigated disasters that
led to this moment,
% of users report that
it feels goddamn great.
When you yell, fuck, you
release fuckanephrine,
a neural transmitter that
gets rid of all the fucks
you used to give, leading to
a cynical acceptance that
this is actually happening.
Female Voice: When
I tried yelling fuck,
I immediately felt a difference.
It was like a rush of relief.
Now I can hurl my fuck
screams to the heavens
with the hopes that some
higher being will get the message
that we need help down here
in the America section of earth.
Male Narrator: When you have
to face the fact that
Donald Trump might
be your President,
try yelling, "Fuck."
Yelling fuck may result in your mom
or your principal getting mad at you.
Do not yell fuck if you are one of the
assholes who got us here in the first place.
If you are one of these
people, try yelling, "Hooray."
Yelling "Fuck" is covered
by Obamacare.