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Full Credits

John Palmer / Mr P
Marc Payne / Dizz
Michaela Haas / DJ Sparkle
James Morosini / James
Nathaniel Salisbury / Trent
Jonny Ahdout / Jonny
Matt Blankenship / Matt
Alexander Gao / Coursey
Kasey Haas / Mom
Gentry White / Deshawn
Daniel Fissmer / Nemo
Garrett Bales / Fink
Daniel Arguedas / Turk
Matt Rosito / Styles
Kirk Kraus / Chad
Robert Rushin / Brad
Stormie Daye / Adrian
Grant Linden / Drake
Joey Heyden / Billy
Stefanny Delong, Tessa Farias, Katie Garland, Kira Legg
Daniel Ahdout, Michael Campitiello, Gabe Munoz, Alix Robinson, Nell Sherman
Directed by / Jack Henry Robbins
Written by / James Gallagher & Jack Henry Robbins
Executive Producer / Tim Robbins
Produced By / Ali Sandler
Co-Producer + Editor / Avner Shiloah
Director of Photography / Dan Chen
Production Designer / Alex Mosley
Art Director / Kendra Bradanini
Graphics / Alexander Gao
Sound Design / Matthew Schwartz
Music Supervisor / Angela Asistio
Associate Producer / Jonathan Ahdout + Nell Sherman
Assistant Director / Jeff Cohn + Nikolai Vanyo
Production Sound / Kevin Meier, Mike Nicastro, Joe Sloan
Additional Camera / Nelson DeCastro, Alexander Gao, Dan Marino, Cory Sanford
Colorist / Jordan McNeil
Digital Intermediate by Evidence Labs
Digital Imaging Technician / Cory Sanford
Music Clearances / Sam Belkin
“The Spot”
Written by Trevor Vesneski and Alejandro Medina
Performed by Lexo & TheUnder
Written and Performed by Inspectre Funk
Courtesy of Jacks Rabbits Records
Written by Sort Of and Marc Payne
Produced by Sort Of
Performed by Sort Of featuring Marc Payne & Squish
“Bone Zone”
Written by Jack Henry Robbins
Performed by John Palmer
“You Give Me Butterflies”
Written by Justin Jay Chernick
Performed by Justin Jay
Courtesy of PETS Recordings
“Degraw Street”
Written and Performed by Gabriel Wax
Written by Travis Blankenship
Performed by T Blank
Courtesy of Rightwave Music
Written by Trevor Vesneski, Alejandro Medina and Samuel Larson
Performed by Lexo & TheUnder, Samuel Larson and Jordan Corey
“(I Believe In) Travelin’ Light”
Written by Bob Kildea, Christopher Geddes, Michael Cooke, Richard Colburn, Roy Moller, Sarah Martin, Stephen Jackson and Stuart Murdoch
Performed by Belle and Sebastian
Courtesy of Matador Records/Rough Trade Records Limited

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(electronic music)
->You know how all this started?If you wanna excite the mindKids, the younger generations,See what I'm sayin' with all that.Wow.It like wakes me up.Wakes me up, that's it!See now everything sounded like that.How is Mr. P. as a D.J.?He's not the best.He's modest.He's pretty weak actually.Yeah.Try it again, say it again.Welcome to the bone zone.Nah man, you gotta be like,It is more definitive.Welcome to the bone zone.Welcome to the bone zone.
->You gotta feel it like.You have to feel it inside.Welcome to the bone zone.You could hear me say itWelcome to the bone zone.There you go.Welcome to the bone zone.Population me.Population me.Like you wanna say population me mother (bleep) erPopulation me mother (bleep) er.But just cut out the mother (bleep) erPopulation me.Yeah, you just gotta put it acrossGood trick.Yep, perfect.Dance some more.Dance some moreDance some more.Dance some more.Dance some more.And then you should probably make that the hook,Dance some more.Dance some more.You know before I really comprehended this musicI real excited for Ultimate.[Dancer With Brown Hair] But what can I improve?You're not having enough energy, okay?Uh, I mean, I don't think that's really relevant.Just, you know there's a lot of fish in the sea.Okay, I actually feel a lot better now,On three, D.J. Sparkle.D.J. Sparkle!Hey Coursey.Hey, what's up?Good dog, go.So how are you feeling about the performance?Nervous.Yeah.It's fun.So you feel ready?Yeah.Prove a point to who?I don't know.Just to the world?The world, yeah.I feel good.Yeah.Thanks.Ha ha.Mobi added to thisUh huh.You have a big day tomorrow.Yeah.I'm gonna let you go to sleep, okay?Okay goodnight.You want me to turn on your night light?Okay.Okay.Goodnight mommy.James is kinda like the style of BrokoI guess I'm the face of Broko, man.Ahhh.That's it.Always.Forever.Bro.Damn straight.You know I'm the oldest guy in this house.Omegas, Omegas, Omegas, Omegas, Omegas.Ultimate Ultimate.Any time we get on stageIt's chemistry, it's chemistry yardThe energy can't be touched, man.