After Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler realize they don't have nearly enough money to... more »


->Alex going to college.You guys must be pretty psyched, right?Gotten so used to it being us three.Pfft, well (laughing).Hold on here.It's gonna be a regular
fuck-fest around here.
->Oh yeah, get your passport ready.I got in!You don't have enough money.It says right here we have $401,000.No, uh that says you a 401(k) account.You guys need money
I know how to get it.
Let's start an underground casino.
->I don't like this.Check this out.Oh yeah.We've got a nail salon, massages,Is it a strip club?We're gonna make crazy money.There's something going on in this town.Your mother andI just can't help but
feel like you're lying.
♫ I'm in the house
Alex>You've been comingHoney?Yeah, I'm just gonna lie down,Yeah!Need us to shut down this casino.You guys, we got a problem.He's cheating.You think you can cheat us?I got lucky.Well your luck just ran out, man,What are you guys
gonna do about it anyway,
you're a bunch of soccer moms.
->Maybe we'll cut your dick off.Oh shit!Yeah.
->Whoo!Oh I'm so scared. (lauging)I'm gonna do this.No I'm gonna do this, need to do this.Don't play around with an ax.Come on.Oh God, oh God.Oh my God (screams).Shut the fuck up--Put it back on.I'm trying to find it.Could this help?Just hold on to that.Tell your friends if they mess with us