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- [Narrator] Donald Trump, sworn in
as President 100 days ago.
Dear God has it only been 100 days?
America has rarely seen such success,
if you think success means pure fucking insanity.
A respected Supreme Court Justice confirmed
even though Republicans needed to use something
called the freaking nuclear option to do it.
Companies investing in American jobs again
that we're going to take credit for
even though half of those jobs were added
in January before Trump was President.
America becoming more energy independent.
Not right now exactly but later in the year
after the Keystone Pipeline is approved,
even if it, you know, gets approved.
Also, PS, we can't guarantee the project
will use American made steel.
Alrighty, let's just move on.
Regulations that kill American jobs eliminated,
by fucking over the environment and protections for workers.
The biggest tax cut plan in history
that would increase the deficit by $5 trillion.
You wouldn't know it from watching the news
which we cited three times in this commercial.
America is winning and President Trump
is making America great again,
even though there are, literally,
zero examples to back up that statement.
"I'm Donald Trump and".
- [President Trump] I don't stand by anything.