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Full Credits

director - alex karpovsky
director - laurence lowe
writer - alex karpovsky
writer - laurence lowe
writer - jule treneer
mark cuban - mark cuban
deborah - jess weixler
father - bob turton
daughter - ashley ketron
researcher - anel lopez gorham
nurse - suzanne cryer
producer - hans sahni
ad - taylor maxwell
production coordinator - charlotte wilson langley
dp - matt sweeney
ac - jorel odell
gaffer - dom d'astice
key grip - joe jackson
wardrobe - michelle thompson
production designer - ashley swanson
art director - robert romanus
hair & make-up - jen osborne
sound mixer - danny carpenter
pa - garret palm
editor - hannah levy
vfx - michael guggenheim

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October 20, 2016


Donald Trump: [Donald] Maybe people
don't want my message.
Donald Trump: Maybe they want
to stay mediocre.
Donald Trump: Somebody will say,
"Oh, freedom of speech.
Freedom of speech."
Donald Trump: These are foolish people.
They'll do what I tell them to do.
Donald Trump: And when you're a
star they'll let you do it.
You can do anything.
- Whatever you want.
- Grab'em by the pussy.
Donald Trump: We will have so much winning
if I get elected that you may
Donald Trump: get bored with winning.
Believe me.
Mark Cuban: [Mark] There are some things
in life you just can't control.
Mark Cuban: This...
Mark Cuban: This is new.
Mark Cuban: Hi, I'm Mark Cuban, CEO
and founder of Cuban Solutions.
Mark Cuban: If the thought of living through a
Trump Presidency sounds like a hideous
Mark Cuban: nightmare to you,
there may be something
we can do to help.
Mark Cuban: We at Cuban Solutions are proud to
announce our exclusive new service,
Trump Coma.
Mark Cuban: Come.
Mark Cuban: Let us build a beautiful
wall around you.
Mark Cuban: The minute Hillary Clinton
begins her concession speech
Mark Cuban: our team of highly trained medical
professionals will be ready to receive you.
Ashley Ketron: Will I still be able
to visit you mom?
Mark Cuban: [Mark] You bet
you can Sally.
Mark Cuban: Every other Tuesday,
to 6 P.M.
Bob Turton: What if Trump
gets re-elected?
Mark Cuban: [Mark] We'll double
your coma time to 8 years.
Mark Cuban: And if Trump dissolves Congress,
we'll keep you under
Mark Cuban: until democracy returns.
Mark Cuban: [Mark] Relax Debra.
It's not your fault.
Mark Cuban: Let yourself off the hook.
Ashley Ketron: You've got this mom.
Mark Cuban: See you soon.
[ air ]
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
Ashley Ketron: Mommy.
Mark Cuban: Morning Debra.
How'd you sleep?
Jess Weixler: Great. Like a baby.
Mark Cuban: Beats moving to Canada,
am I right?
Mark Cuban: By the way,
your skin looks amazing.
Jess Weixler: Does it?
Bob Turton: You never looked
more beautiful.
Jess Weixler: Well, what I miss?
Did he actually end up
building a wall?
[ Mark shushes ]
Mark Cuban: Forgetting is so much harder
than never having to know.
Mark Cuban: Am I right Stuart?
Mark Cuban: Trump Coma.
Mark Cuban: Because the only thing worse
than Trump being elected
Mark Cuban: is you being conscious
after he's elected.
Mark Cuban: Cuban Solutions.
Mark Cuban: Come dream with us.