Jared Kushner may be a Senior Advisor to President Trump, but at home he answers to the only Trump that matters, his wife Ivanka.

Full Credits

Ivanka: Aaron Jackson
Jared: Josh Sharp
Director/ Writer: Langan Kingsley
Executive Producer: Kate Lilly
Producer: Nikil Shyam Sunder
Director of Photography: Michael Rossetti
1st AC/ Grip: Jaime Villa Ruiz
Gaffer/ Key Grip: Matt Kruger
Production Designer: Lauren Ivy
HMU: Brenna Haukedahl
Stylist: Alyx Cohen
Sound/ Boom Op: Chris Bennett
Editor: Hannah Levy
Post Producer: Alex Parks


♫ Jared Kushner came to town
♫ Riding in his Audi
♫ Now he works in the White House
♫ And everybody loves him
♫ He even gets to wear a badge
♫ And he works
(dramatic music)
Oh my god. (chuckles)
Hi honey.
I'm sorry, you surprised me.
->Jared, you idiot.Right, no coffee 'cause nervous.Good, Jared, you need to stay in his good graces.Yes, but there is one thingJared, Jared, Jared, Jared, Jared, Jared.Don't kiss you on the lipsNo, the other thing.Um, oh, quit talking about conflict of interestBig dumb dweeb, exactly.Well, I'm sorry.God, Jared.No.
->No.You drink milk.Milk?Tea.No.Seltzer.
->No.Diet Sprite.
->Diet Sprite?Um, is it cold or hot?You should know.A big, big bowl of soup in the morning.That's food.Rain.Jared, matcha lattes.Matcha lattes.You need to know this, Jared.Matcha lattes, matcha lattes.Yes.I got it, I'm sorry, I love you.Clean yourself up, weasel boy, you look disgusting.Yes ma'am, I will.Please be quiet.I will, starting now, actually.