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Will Ferrell
Amy Schumer
Abbi Jacobson
Ilana Glazer
Hannibal Buress
Kristen Schaal
Jordan Peele
Keegan-Michael Key
Writer/Director: Aengus James
Editor: Marty Cramer
Producer: Christian Heuer, Brianne Trosie, Rob Hatch-Miller
NYC Unit Director/DP: Matt Mayer
Associate Producer: Lauren Taylor
DP: Yuki Noguchi, Matt Sweeney
Gaffer: Jenn Cohen, Stephen St. Peter, Matt Hindman
Sound: Ryan Knouf for Botown Sound, Ryan Kaiser, Carina Jollie
H&MU: Erin Blinn, Catherine Furniss, Ashleigh Ciucci
PA: Edgar Castillo, Ben Parks


Amy Schumer: Every two minutes, a woman
dies during pregnancy,
Amy Schumer: and there's one organization
fighting to ensure that every mother
Amy Schumer: survives child birth.
Amy Schumer: And that organization is...
Amy Schumer: Ja-puig...
Amy Schumer: Ja...
Amy Schumer: Ch...
Amy Schumer: Gel...
Amy Schumer: Ja...
Will Ferrell: By partnering with local
communities to help build
Will Ferrell: sustainable healthcare solutions
for women and their families,
Will Ferrell: Ja-hi-piegoo...
Will Ferrell: Ja-hi...
Will Ferrell: Ja-hi-piegoo.
Keegan-Michael Key: Because of Ji-ga-ju-guaco.
Keegan-Michael Key: Ja-quago. [Clears throat]
Kristen Schaal: Ja...Ja-quigo.
Ilana Glazer: Ja...[Coughs]...uga.
Hannibal Buress: Ji-beek...sheep.
Jordan Peele: Loosen up. Just get...
gotta get ready for this one here.
Abbi Jacobson: J
Jordan Peele: H
Kristen Schaal: P
Hannibal Buress: I
Will Ferrell: E
Keegan-Michael Key: G
Kristen Schaal: O
Amy Schumer: Ja-pierogi.
Hannibal Buress: Those letters shouldn't
be together like that.
Ilana Glazer: Why don't you just tell us what it is?
-If you just say it out loud then we could just--
Abbi Jacobson: --that would be a lot easier, right?
Will Ferrell: Wait, I'm...
Will Ferrell: I'm being told that this is an acronym.
Will Ferrell: And it stands for,
Will Ferrell: Johns Hopkins...
Will Ferrell: Pees
Will Ferrell: In
Will Ferrell: Every
Will Ferrell: Guys
Will Ferrell: Orifice.
Will Ferrell: So...
Will Ferrell: Does that make anything
clearer to anyone?
Will Ferrell: It feels like it should, but it doesn't.
Hannibal Buress: Jay Z
Hannibal Buress: Has
Hannibal Buress: Put
Hannibal Buress: It
Hannibal Buress: Everywhere
Hannibal Buress: Gosh
Hannibal Buress: Oh-man.
Keegan-Michael Key: Ja-ha...
Keegan-Michael Key: Ja-pie'g?
Keegan-Michael Key: Ja-piego.
Is that it?
Keegan-Michael Key: Did I say it right?
Jordan Peele: Our name is challenging.
Will Ferrell: But so is the work we do.
Kristen Schaal: Kristen: Jhpiego, preventing the needless
deaths of women and families.
Kristen Schaal: Who needs that, death?
Kristen Schaal: [scoffs] Not Jhpiego.