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- I don't wanna do it!
- Rocky, open your mouth and look at me.
- I'm not doing it.
(piano music)
This is rude, I just...
I haven't had any protein today, so.
- So rabbis can eat any protein?
- Certainly I try to keep as kosher as I can.
I keep kosher.
I kind of, I feel like I just kind of, reveal!
I don't keep kosher.
I've been lying.
- I don't care.
And you're lying to not just the people in your,
is it called a mule?
- No, it's called a shul.
- Did you have to learn Hebrew?
- Well, I'm a rabbi.
- I bet Hebrew is a really hard language to learn
because of the shapes.
- Um,
the shapes on the page or just the shapes--
- Of the letters.
- Mm.
- Because they're just shapes, they're not letters.
- Right, well, they're words
to the people that understand it.
- They must know that they are not normal letters like ours,
that they are shapes.
- Well, when you say ours,
do you mean just the English language?
- America.
- America.
- Yes.
- Mm hmm.
- I wanna do a couple things.
I'm gonna speak in Hebrew,
and then I'm gonna take a brief second pause,
and then I'm gonna speak in another language.
- Okay.
- Ready? (speaks gibberish)
- Mm hmm, okay.
- Where are the bears?
- So, I...
what I heard,
just to reflect it back to you,
was nonsense.
Honestly, like what are talking about?
- Well I think Hebrew is so funny.
It's like, it's a crazy, funny language like Chinese.
- I feel like this is kind of, it's a dead end
because I feel like you're not quite getting it.
You know what I mean?
- That's your defense,
that's okay.
- No,
I feel a lot of defense right now.
- You're so angry at me,
do you think that has to do with your not eating?
Do you always not eat?
- No, I do not eat very much
but I am getting a colonoscopy tomorrow.
- So, are you hungry today?
- I'm starving right now.
- That's a shame.
- Yeah.
- When you're allowed to eat, what's your favorite food?
Do you like these?
These are like little Jewish camels.
- No they're not, what are you--
- Tell me about--
- Camels aren't Jewish!
♫ This is bullshit
- Do people ever tell you, like,
Rocky, your feelings go from here to here
to here to here, and the middle is just like,
stuff that's hard to grab onto but you wanna grab it?
- All right, I'm gonna be honest with you.
What I want to do is take this hand.
- Yeah, yeah.
- And turn it around.
- [Laura] Yeah.
- And then grab a hold
of your neck--
- Mm hmm, yeah.
- And squeeze.
- Do it.
- The life out of you.
- [Laura] Do--