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->Hello, and welcome to Good God with God.What's up?John, it's great to have you.Oh yeah, thanks for havin' me.Yeah, it's a cushioned stool.Oh my God, so what's up?So I just kinda wanted to have you on the show--Just hang out and stuff?Yeah, a lot of our listeners,A founding father, yeah.Exactly.
->Fans of America.Yeah, how do you feel aboutLove it.
->Yeah?I think it's great, I'm up my own ass about it.I mean, it was tough then, you know?Yeah, yeah, he's great, love George.I gotta hand it --You know I never had slaves?I know you didn't,I'm one of the few.That's why George and T.J.,Oh, yeah, that makes sense.Yeah, what about Hamilton?This musical's crazy, no one caredReally?I mean, we liked him but you'd thinkSure, didn't you have beef with himHe had beef with everybody.Yeah, that's true.
->Can I grab a soda?No problem.I'm good, okay, whoo, this is good.Try to have a variety of beverages available for--Yeah, yeah, yeah, do you know who else was not so bad?Wow.He's not bad, Great Britain wasn't so bad either.Well, you had to look at themYeah, but, you know,Yeah.
->Everybody's crazy.Yeah, but--
->You put somebody in power,Did George lose it 10 seconds later?Sure, yes, George was absolutely, he was crazy.Oh my gosh.
->We were stunned.How'd you know?
->We all, everybody knew.Oh, you think that's what got to his head?Yes.Did you get laid when you were President?No.
->'Cause you kept--I wanted to.
->Oh, just people--I was a short, fat, bald guy who was tellingYeah, I thought just the pure fact thatThat's what I thought, but back then,Yeah, but George also was smooth.Tall, good-lookin' dude on a horse, you can't beat that.Yeah, that's true.All business.
->Yeah, yeah--I looked terrible on them, I look like a Weeble.Yeah, a little bug.No, toy.
->What?Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down?I was thinkin' of weevil, that's my fault.Weevil, bull weevil?
->Yeah.Yeah, I look like a Humpty Dumpty.Got it, yeah, I could see that.I think horses were great.I'm not sayin' horses weren't great.Horses were great, you never had a 10 horse pile up.Yeah, but horses would buck ya, kick ya--Sure, they're temperamental, just don't be an asshole.A horse bit me once, and I totally deserved it.Really? You, God?I went up to pet it, and he clearly didn't wannaWell, you know,Totally on me, you know, you like horses,Yeah, yeah, they're nice.
->Yeah, they're good, right?Yeah, they bred weird, they seem a little nuts.Yeah, they're a little nuts, though, I mean, you know--They're beautiful, they're beautiful, though.Talkin' about gettin' cocky,They're a little full of themselves.They're a little full of themselves.But I get it.
->Yeah.They're beautiful.
->They're gorgeous, man.You know what a good job was, weirdly?All right, well, that's allCleaning products.
->What?I think they're great.All right, well hey, today's episode of Good God