Final episode! DJ Sparkle says goodbye, Broco express their feelings for each... more »
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Full Credits
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Michaela Haas / DJ Sparkle
James Morosini / James
Nathaniel Salisbury / Trent
John Palmer / Mr P
Marc Payne / Dizz
Kasey Haas / Sparkle’s Mom
Becky Stark / Miss Molly
Matt Blankenship / Matt
Jonny Ahdout / Jonny
LeAire George / LeAire
Mary Tio / Mary
Gentry White / Deshawn
Daniel Fissmer / Nemo
Garrett Bales / Fink
Daniel Arguedas / Turk
Matt Rosito / Styles
Dean Alexander / Rodger
Kirk Kraus / Chad
Stormie Daye / Adrian
Grant Linden / Drake
Joey Heyden / Billy
Jackie Chang / DJ MNML
Jeremie Loncka / DJ ÜMLAUT
Stephanie Pearson / Dancer
Steve Porter / DJ ÜMLAUT’s Assistant
Robert Paul Taylor / DJ M1AM1
Directed by / Jack Henry Robbins
Written by / James Gallagher & Jack Henry Robbins
Executive Producer / Tim Robbins
Produced By / Ali Sandler
Co-Producer + Editor / Avner Shiloah
Director of Photography / Dan Chen
Production Designer / Alex Mosley
Art Director / Kendra Bradanini
Graphics / Alexander Gao
Sound Design / Matthew Schwartz
Music Supervisor / Angela Asistio
Associate Producer / Jonathan Ahdout + Nell Sherman
Assistant Director / Jeff Cohn + Nikolai Vanyo
Production Sound / Kevin Meier, Mike Nicastro, Joe Sloan
Additional Camera / Alexander Gao
Colorist / Jordan McNeil, Philips Shum
Digital Intermediate by Evidence Labs
Digital Imaging Technician / Cory Sanford
Music Clearances / Sam Belkin
Director of Photography / Philips Shum
Cinematographer / Dan Chen
1st AC / Andy Chen
Gaffer / Nate Gold
Key Grip / Jason Wittenberg
Written & Performed by Amy Douglas White
Published by J’aime Trop (ASCAP)
Courtesy of Gentle Beast Productions, Inc.
“Everything, Everything, Will Be Alright”
Written by Jared Piccone
Performed by Spacebrother
“King Killer (Re-Run)”
Written by Dennis McNany
Performed by Neutral Mute
Published by House Of Hassle
By Arrangement with Bank Robber Music
Written by Alexander Seaver, Logan Light and Angel Taylor
Performed by Mako
Courtesy of Revealed Recordings, under exclusive license to Cloud 9 Music B.V.
“Mamilo Cosmico”
Written by John Kallen and Miles Robbins
Performed by Househusband
Courtesy of Skylab Records
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Published: April 11, 2017

(melancholic music)
->I'd like to thank you all for being here.James,Dude.You know I'll never DJ with anyone else right?You don't know that bro.Trent, I won't dude.You might meet some amazing DJs man.Trent,Nothing man.
->No, Trent,It's just two months man.It is a long time.Yeah dude.Broco?
->Yeah manBroco?I love you.I love you too dog.Ah buddy.Alright guys.Yeah.Get in there buddy.Later guys.We're going to Ultimate Ultimate.It's a