This 4th of July it's time for dad to step aside and let a professional handle the grill. It’s mama’s time, bitches.

Full Credits

MOM - Anais Fairweather
DAD - Ryan Stanger
Doris - Bunny Gibson
Kids - Toby Grey, Mia Komsky, David Lanksy, Ashley Stoneburner, Party Goers - Eric Kiefer, Jeffery King, Jennifer Marie, Caitlyn Winiarski, Rhoda Mahoney, Bailey Hamersly, Zach Lutchmedial
Director/Writer/Editor - Hannah Levy
Writer/Director/Editor - Adriana Robles
Producer - Sean Dacanay
1st AD/Coordinator - Ross Buran
Production Coordinator - Matthew Myers
DP - Matthew Sweeney
1st AC - Scotty Field
Gaffer - Eddie Scully
Key Grip - Jen Cohen
Swing - Taylor Starzell
Hair and Makeup - Leigh Schwartz
Production Design - Ashley Swanson
Sound - Mike Robertson
Graphics - Darryl Sharp


[Dad]: Alright, who's hungry?
We got burgers, we got dogs...
Dad's firing up the grill!
Not this year Bill...
It's mama's time, bitches!
♪ They told me I can't
do what dad can ♪
♪ But I'm not planning
to die in my minivan ♪
♪ This mom doesn't
stay in her lane ♪
♪ I'm heating up weiners
and I'm making it rain ♪
♪ This 4th of July I'm
changing how things work ♪
♪ My daughter got this
for me on a trip to New York ♪
♪ I'm revving up the
grill and getting it lit ♪
♪ Call me Grillary Clinton
because I'm running this shit ♪
♪ She's the queen,
the queen of the grill ♪
♪ I'm taking over this
year for my husband Bill ♪
♪ Burgers so good they
could win an award ♪
♪ You can find the
recipe on my Pinterest board ♪
♪ ♪
♪ When I'm at the grill,
I've got to do me ♪
♪ Sometimes I need
a break from reality ♪
♪ My neighbor Doris
has a lot to say ♪
♪ But I have shit to
grill so not today ♪
♪ Don't come at me,
you don't know me honey ♪
♪ I killed this cow cause
he looked at me funny ♪
♪ I'm spraying
these kids with SPF ♪
♪ And everyone in the
yard wants to kiss the chef ♪
♪ She's the queen,
the queen of the grill ♪
♪ Mom is coming at ya
with with a brand new skill ♪
♪ Slinging out burgers
quicker than quick ♪
♪ That's right, Bobby Flay
can suck his own dick ♪
♪ ♪
♪ Hubby is making
ambrosia salad ♪
♪ He thinks my needs
are totally valid ♪
♪ He's got to relax,
have fun in the sun ♪
♪ Cause tonight I'm going to
slap around his whole wheat buns ♪
♪ Dad never put
any hummus on a burger ♪
♪ Dad never put
tapenade on a burger ♪
♪ Dad never put balsamic
glaze on a burger ♪
♪ Dad never put
goat cheese on a burger ♪
♪ I don't even like to grill ♪
♪ Gender roles
are whack as hell ♪
♪ She makes burgers
way better than me ♪
♪ Masculinity's a prison
and I just broke free ♪
♪ I want the all the moms
in the USA to light up your grills ♪
♪ They underestimate us
but we still get our thrills ♪
♪ Grilling is how we
celebrate this holiday ♪
♪ Moms can be independent
every goddamn day ♪
♪ I'm drunk ♪
♪ She's the queen,
the queen of the grill ♪
♪ Lots of bellies here
that I'm trying to fill ♪
♪ Burgers so good it makes
our mouth knees weak ♪
♪ You thought you knew mom
but on the grill she's a freak ♪
I won't settle for
anything under 5 million.
Turn that money
into more money.
And also, I'm a CEO.