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Full Credits

Written by:
Danni Spring
Concept by Vincent Selhorst-Jones
Dennis Hurley
Vinnie Duyck
Kate Bergeron
Vanessa Lua
Richard "Scooter" Rosenthal
Vincent Selhorst-Jones
Andre Mathieu
Danni Spring
Zach Ginnier
"Devil Devil" by Milck
Additional group members:
Angel Laketa Moore
Jacqueline Rosenthal
Dinora Walcott


[large crowd cheering]
Male Voice: How did I get here?
♪ ["Devil Devil" by MILCK plays] ♪
I'm Donnie.
I'm Bernie.
I can never be President. I'm an outsider.
I'm just too radical.
I think you'd be great at it,
but to be honest, the only way you could win is if
you were running against some sort of idiot fascist.
Bernie: You don't have to do this.
Donald: Of course I do.
You're my best friend.
Bernie: It won't be easy.
You'll need to study.
You'll need to be rich.
You'll need to be a racist.
You'll need to be the worse person in America.
Reporter: This is an unprecedented election.
With two outsider candidates, it's anybody's race.
Bernie: This is getting out of control.
Donald: This is what you've always wanted.
Bernie: You can get out!
Donald: I can't.
I'm in too deep.
Bernie: You've gone to far!
Donald: No,
I haven't gone far enough.
Male Voice: One word. No caps.
♪ [music continues] ♪
[he's whining]
♪ [music continues] ♪
[he's whining again]