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Full Credits

The Orchard & Burn Later Productions present
"It's a Hit!"
Created by Chris Modoono & Gil Zabarsky
Abby Elliott as Samantha Steele
Tim Matheson as Mark Mephisto
Gil Zabarsky as Carter Sturgeon
Tyler Hilton as Chris the Ninja
Kevin Daniels as Randy "The Fist" Fist
Kathleen Littlefield as Madeline Le Couteau
Guest Starring
Marc Evan Jackson as The Pilot
Executive Producer
Paul Bernon
Executive Producer
Sam Slater
Executive Producer
Paul Davidson
Produced by
Gil Marsden
Tim Matheson
Written by
Chris Modoono & Gil Zabarsky
Directed by
Chris Modoono
Marc Evan Jackson
Fiammetta Cavatorta
Rodney Hobbs
Malcolm Mills
Benjamin Otto
Elizabeth Hirsch-Tauber
Ruben Trevino
Acelina Kuchukova
Alex Kiezulas
Yara Ferreyra
Janell Lockett
Julian Goza
Abigail Brosh
Hannah Dickinson
Elijah Ungvary
Olly Padre
Kelly Rogers
Director of Photography
Tom Campbell
Production Designer
Sally Levi
Chris Modoono
First Assistant Director
Carly Sturgeon
Second Assistant Director
Zhandra Reyes
Production Coordinator
Zoe Andrikidis
Cormac Bluestone
Robert Crosby
Camera Operator
Nathanael Vorce
1st AC
Jefri Meintjes
Anderson Lau
Key Grip
Kyle Leach
Best Electric
Grant Gilligan
Theo Hyppolite
Best Grip
Stephen McGlade
Josh Belly
James Wilson
Costume Designer
Alex Simone
Hair & Makeup
Heather Galipo
HMU Assistants
Megan Williams
Toryn Reed
Tanya Brown
Production Sound
Eric Bucklin
Prop Master
Ramzy Potts
Set Dresser
Molly Goodman
Andrew Salerno
Production Assistants
Liz Marsden
Kristen Laffey
Ryan Shrime
Script Supervisor
Chiung-wen Chang
Greg Yeoman
Danielle Aufiero
Honey Wagon Driver
Glen Curits
G&E Truck
Corrin Hodgson

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March 18, 2017


- What's today?
- The day my dad died.
- Whoa.
I'm really sorry.
What'd he do for a living?
- He was an assassin.
- What?
What do you do?
- We're all assassins.
- Wait, you're an assassin?
(upbeat music)
- Cobra, Mephisto, and Leibowitz
did not get to be the number one death expediency firm
in the greater northeast region
by leaving two targets alive in one week!
- I can't kill you.
I've tried twice now.
- Wanna cup of tea, or?
- Do you have chamomile?
- I have rooibos.
- I'm telling you, Sammi.
If you live long enough to be a partner,
do not take a desk job.
- Make it right, we're--
Hot rod.
They used to call me Hot Rod when I was behind the wheel.
- I miss us.
- When we were together,
you'd disappear all the time.
- But I'm a ninja.
- Yeah, I know.
You've said that a million times.
Can we just table this until--
Why would he do that?
(groovy music)
Why do they call you the Pilot?
- I mean, I am a pilot,
and I used to run pilot programs for the CIA.
And in college I did play Pontius Pilate
in Jesus Christ Superstar.
Although it's hard to believe anybody remembers that.
- Yeah.
It's probably one of those.
- It's gotta be something.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.