Go behind the scenes of Funny Or Die's 'City Slickers in Westworld' shoot with Billy Crystal, Daniel Stern, Luke Hemsworth, and more!

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Produced by: Flexsus Studios
DP: Daniel Rosenberg
Editor: Sarah Prinz


[Director] And... action!
[voicing Bonanza theme music]
Billy Crystal: Rollin', rollin', rollin'--
That's enough.
Billy Crystal: Hi, I'm Billy Crystal and we are on...
Billy Crystal: No. Hi. And we are on the set here
Billy Crystal: at Funny or Die shooting a new video
Billy Crystal: in conjunction with the debut of my new
comedy tour which opens in Miami Beach.
[Camera Assist] Marker!

Ptolemy Slocum: Hey, Ptolemy Slocum.
Um, I play Sylvester in Westworld.
Ptolemy Slocum: This is the set of
City Slickers Westworld.
- Oh wait, I forgot to say Funny or Die.
- Yeah.
Ptolemy Slocum: Don't forget the Funny or Die part.

Billy Crystal: Wow!
Billy Crystal: That cleared everything up!
It's like the white horseradish in Passover.
[male] Were you guys ever
together on the actual show?
- Never.
- Never?
Luke Hemsworth: Sometimes we wave through the glass.
Luke Hemsworth: He's not allowed into my area.
Luke Hemsworth: Hi, I'm Luke Hemsworth.
Uh, I play Stubbs on Westworld.
Luke Hemsworth: I'm here at Funny or Die
shooting a skit with Billy Crystal
Luke Hemsworth: and Daniel Stern.
Daniel Stern: You know, some actors work
from the inside out.
Daniel Stern: Some work from the outside in.
Daniel Stern: I work from the outside out.
- Nothing ever gets in.
- Nothing ever gets in, no.
Daniel Stern: You should read my book on that.
- He we are 20... almost 26 years later.
- Holy [bleep].
- And Danny... Stanley right?
- Yes it is. I'm his friend.
Billy Crystal: He has, well he's not wearing them now,
but he has his glasses from the movie,
Billy Crystal: and this is the actual shirt costume
that I wore in City Slickers.
Billy Crystal: And I saved it and it still fits.
Daniel Stern: And so do the glasses.
Daniel Stern: [stammers] Well, my nose
hasn't grown that way, but my--
- No. It has. Yeah, it has.
- It really is?

[indistinct chatting]
Luke Hemsworth: I just want the truth.
Ptolemy Slocum: You can't handle the truth.
We're doing scenes.
[indistinct talking]
- It was 1957...
- [off camera laughter]
Billy Crystal: They put me in this place
when I was 17 years-old.
[indistinct talking]
Billy Crystal: Puts me in the bonus round.
Ptolemy Slocum: Okay, this is a little trick for
Ptolemy Slocum: when you have to reuse
rubber gloves on set.
Ptolemy Slocum: Turn it inside out.
- I'm ready for surgery doctor.
- [maniacal laughter]

[Camera Assist] Marker!
Angela Sarafyan: Hey, I am Angela Sarafyan.
I'm playing Clementine, just like Westworld.
Daniel Stern: [Daniel] Why is everybody naked?
Angela Sarafyan: [Angela] 'Cause all the hosts are naked.
- See, that's interesting.
- [laughter]
And give yourselves
a round of applause.
- Thank you very much for a great, great day.
- [clapping]
Billy Crystal: [Billy] So everybody,
Funny or Die'ers.
Billy Crystal: Thanks for watching this
little movie that we made,
Billy Crystal: and um, come see me on tour.