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January 23, 2017


I'm Langan Kingsley.
I'm in downtown Los Angeles.
There are a bunch of ladies around.
I guess there's a march.
I'm trying to figure out,
what the hell is going on.

Well, we're here in the thick of it.
The sun is out, it's bikini weather,
but i'm not seeing a ton of
people in bikinis quite yet.
My tits hurt, yeah. Sure.
I'm here with my daughter.
She has two dads--
Do you think that's misogynistic
that you gave her two dads?
- No. No.
- Okay, well. [chuckles]
Seems like you're raising the penis
per capita of the household.
- Are you here just to have sex?
- I am gay.
- How the heck did you snag these seats?
- Well, actually we stole them.
He famously said,
"No puppet. No puppet.
You're the puppet. You're the puppet."
Is Donald Trump a puppet?
Can you confirm or deny?
Oh, hell yeah.
He's definitely Putin's puppet.
...Trying to steal from people,
break into other people's bags.
As someone with not very many teeth are you
worried about losing health care under Trump?
Well, um...
Do you guys think I look pretty today?
Can you tell me what
intersectional feminism is?

There are many men hiding in the
buildings who are too scared to come down.
[multiple bells]
Do you think Donald Trump
thinks that Lady Liberty is a ten?
Okay, well it looks like after a lot of
waiting the march is finally getting underway,
as we all know women
take forever to get ready.

People are very energetic to get moving.
We can only assume what's on the other side,
maybe a swimming pool
full of Tampons.
A candle sale.
Uh, a Soul Cycle possibly.
White women are to blame
for all of this, aren't we?
No we're not. Actually we're not.
Women are awesome.
I just started my period.
Does anyone have a
Tampon I can borrow?!
Or are all you on IUDs?
Oh my God, thank you.
It's an O.B. ladies. Good for the environment.
Who's going through menopause?
[shouting in the distance]
Who's a man?
Shut up!

People are angry. What can we say?
[audio slows down]
People are crazy.
Can I get a yes please!
Can I get a yes please!
[shouts are heard]
I know where we're headed now,
ladies be shopping. Am I right?
Well, that was the women's march
and I'm a woman and it's over now, so.