God talks to Satan about this season of NFL football.

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September 16, 2015


Hello, and welcome to Good
God! I'm God, and today's
episode is brought to you
by clouds.
Clouds. They're big, they're white.
There's cumulus clouds.
I love them all.
I made them.
Check them out.
And today's special guest
is Satan.
- Hey Satan, how are you?
- I'm great God.
Thank you so much for having
me on the show.
- I mean we go back a long time--
- Way back.
You know ever since you fell
from my heavenly area.
We're here to talk about
football. American football.
This season has just begun.
I love football, Satan,
you love football...
I mainly pay attention to the
Buffalo Bills.
I actually spent a lot of time
in Buffalo before moving to Hell.
I guess I was surprised that
you chose Buffalo after
I kicked you out.
Well, the rent was cheap.
So, what are the things that
you are excited for the football season?
Big things are happening in
You got Rex Ryan of course.
What about the Packers?
What do you think about the
Packers this year?
I hope everyone has fun.
I hope a lot of guys get hurt.
I guess I'm just hoping they
have fun.
I mean Aaron Rodgers you know, he's a good guy.
He's a good quarterback.
What do you think of Aaron Rodgers?
Aaron Rodgers? I'm not super
familiar with him, but
I hope he gets smacked in the
head. I love the injuries.
You know, concussions.
You got guys killing themselves,
killing their family--
- Mm-hmm.
It's just very cool to see.
Y-yeah, yeah.
I mean I totally disagree.
Do you think that they're going
to add more
protection to people so they
get hurt less?
Like how do you think the NFL
is going to change
so that doesn't go away?
Well, I've spoken to the top
guys, and Goodell told
me he likes the sound of a
brain sloshing back in forth.
He thinks it's a cool sound.
We had a few of them.
We had a few drinks, so.
You drank with Goodell?
I get together with Goodell
once in a while, sure.
You know, we shoot off guns.
I think he's going to go
to hell, but he's just going to
have a lot of fun. He's kind
of a dope.
Definitely ego. Narcissism.
It's all there.
It's all there to have a nice
little bus ride down
to hell.
Well they stopped doing the
buses a while ago, but
we do have sort of a t-bar.
Like a ski lift?
Yeah, yeah. I mean it's hot,
and it does insert up your
anus, but you have to sit on
a hot spike, but it's better
than walking.
What about Tom Brady with the
whole deflategate thing
going on? What do you think about
that Satan?
I'll be honest with you,
I don't know if I'm super
justified on this one, but
he's just got one of those
faces where you want to
send him to hell.
It's true. I get it.
I think I'm going to.
So, this season, who do you
think is going to win the Super Bowl?
Well, I got to go Buffalo, all
the way.
I think it's going to be Buffalo
for the win.
I think they're going to
end the playoff drought.
Pretend you're an actual
expert here.
Who do you think is going
to win the Super Bowl?
I think I gotta go with the Bills
on this one.
- The Buffalo Bills?
- I think I'm going to go Buffalo,
all the way. I think Rex Ryan
is going to take us there.
Say there's no Buffalo Bills
in the NFL...
I refuse to say that.
Lets just imagine, you don't
need to say it, who
will you then say is going to
win the Super Bowl?
I gotta go Buffalo Sabers.
Oh my. What are the Sabers?
- They're a hockey team.
- They're a hockey team?
I don't follow hockey, at all.
It's kind of
funny to me when a hockey player
thanks God for
winning the Stanley Cup, and
I'm like, I didn't even
know that was going on.
Look at this. Look at that.
That's a Playboy magazine.
Every single time we hang
out you try and slip me
a Playboy, or a Hustler.
Come to Hell.
- Whatever man, no.
- Come to Hell. You can stay in my room.
Naw man.
I got another house.
We can get some girls, get some
she-beasts. You see some of the
she-beasts we got down there?
Yeah, I don't want to have
sex with a she-beast.
They got the pointiest tits
you've ever seen.
Well, Satan, that's all the
time we have for the show.
Thanks for coming on.
We didn't really talk much
about football at all,
and if we did it was just about
- the Buffalo Bills.
- Go Bills.
I hope to see some good
football, some fun play--
And I want to see a lot of
people's brains get rattled
around inside their skull.
Yeah, that sounds...
evil, but you're Satan so,
it kind of makes sense.
Once again, this show has been
brought to you by
Clouds. There's cumulus, wispy's...
- We got piss clouds.
- Piss clouds? Satan...
Come to hell. Come down, if
you like clouds...
It's not about piss clouds, okay.
I'm talking about wispy clouds
that look like things.
Clouds. They're wonderful
Check them out.
God out!