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Starring- Sebastian Maniscalco
Thanos- Seth Allison
Director/Producer- Matt Mazany
Director/DP- Ian Skalski
Concept by- Kevin Mead
Producer- Brianne Trosie
Sound- Mike Robertson
Editor- Evan Watkins

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July 26, 2016


(hip hop music)
- Hey my name is Sebastian Maniscalco.
I'm here at the Comic-Con in San Diego.
I just got here there's about 10,000 people
walking around in costumes
and I want to see what this is all about.
It's something I would probably never do
but I'm interested to see why are people doing this?
Let's go take a look.
I found a guy on Craigslist of all places,
named Thanos and he's gonna guide me through this mess.
I'm supposed to be looking for a character,
like a Thanos.
- Large, gray skin,
lots of multi-colored jewels on them.
- Multi-colored jewels and gray skin mm-hmm.
Do you know what a Thanos looks like?
That's all right.
- [Guy] There's one.
- Oh is that it?
Are you a Thanos?
- [Thanos] Yeah.
- This is Thanos.
We'll go into this mess and see what we can find.
Now when you tell your friends and family
you're going out dressed up like this
is it a positive vibe you get
or like do you get like what are you doing?
- [Girl Pikachu] Everybody loves Pikachu.
I mean like I've never seen anybody be like,
"Fuck you Pikachu."
No it doesn't happen.
- Wow do you dress like this to every Comic-Con?
Do I have a uh a particular
superhero type of look?
- I just watched Prince of Persia
recently and one of the guys is a snake assassin.
So I think you would look good--
- A Snake assassin
What do I do just throw snakes at people?
- Yeah you do.
- [Thanos] You kinda gotta do your own touch-ups.
- I think you got a picture going here.
Look at this..
I feel like I'm walking around
with George Clooney the amount of women
that are coming up to you.
Have you ever gotten laid at this thing?
- [Thanos] Let's just say...
Do you want my number?
- Sure.
- Oh nice did you see that?
He weaved it right in.
- This is my world and I'm the big cheese.
- I got a couple fans.
- Probably not here.
- Sebastian!
Oh I'm sorry.
We're really huge fans of you oh my God.
- Do you have a pen?
Thank you.
- I'll just sign it after.
- Your make-up's running.
- This is it.
Here we are, this is where it's all going down.
- So how do your feet feel?
- I'm wearing two pairs of shoes
pretty terrible.
So which line do we want to wait in?
And they vary in lengths from long
to extremely long.
- How long is the line for water?
All right I think I got the experience.
We've been in here for about seven minutes.
So all it is is a lot of people and so I think we're good.
All right I've been here for five hours.
I'm exhausted, I'm sweatin'
my feet are killin' me.
I had a blast.
Under all the make-up these people are sweet.
It was somethin' I really, really enjoyed.
- [Thanos] You liked it so much
I figured I'd give you a little parting gift.
Take my helmet.
- [Sebastian] No, no, no it's gonna screw up the hair.
Give me the gauntlet.
- Okay.
- 'Til next year.
(lively music)