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Hello and welcome to
Good God with God.
I am God and today's episode
is brought to you by Mercury.
It's a great planet. It's very small.
It goes around super fast.
You can't go there, you'll die.
It was like a good like starter
planet for me, personally.
Mercury. I made it.
I love it. Check it out.
Alright, well today we
have a very special guest.
I think you know him as a popular character from
some fantastic video games over the years.
Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog.
Hey Sonic, how are ya?
Hey God.
It's really good to be here.
- It's always so fun to play Sonic games.
- Thanks so much God.
- What games are you in to God?
- Truth be told,
I mostly just dabble in like Nintendo stuff,
I don't know.
How do you feel about Nintendo?
They were your enemy for a
- little while there, right?
- Absolutely.
I mean and what's sad is, you know,
Mario and I came up in a similar time.
You know, we should've been friends,
and it wasn't really the case.
Did you ever feel jealous of Mario
or anything like that?
Absolutely. I definitely did some
things I wasn't happy about.
You know, I was sort of a prankster,
rebellious type and they wanted that.
You know, I was encouraged in that way.
You'd see me tapping my foot...
It wasn't just because I was impatient,
I was hopped up on speed. I was on drugs.
- Hedgehogs don't move that fast.
- It's true. I was actually gonna bring that up.
They messed around with all kinds of animals,
my friend Miles Tails.
You think he was born with two tails?
Have you ever made a creature with two tails?
- Were you friends with Tails?
- Absolutely.
- He's your bud?
- Absolutely. But, I mean,
it was hard for him of course. I mean, I'm
Sonic the Hedgehog
and he's the sidekick, you know?
I'm Jordan, he's Pippen.
- Yeah, I noticed that you grew a goatee.
- Yeah, this is just sort of my off shooting goatee.
- Got it-yeah.
- I think it hides my double chin.
- You know, I'm older now.
- If you know you're doing a new game,
do you kind of like go do spins more,
and kind of like get in to shape?
- Totally. And I actually do some Botox.
- Ooh.
I don't go overboard with it.
And as you can see over here,
- did you see this? Yeah.
- Are those fake spikes that they put in there?
Fatone hooked me up with
it which is great. Joey Fatone.
- I know who Joey Fatone is.
- In the nineties, I don't know
if you remember this,
I dated, um, Jenny McCarthy.
- Really? Wow.
- Yeah.
I mean, so she was just,
you know right around Singled Out era.
She's so beautiful. I mean even now
I gotta give it up to my girl, like--
What about like, you know,
video game creatures.
- You date any of them?
- I was huge back then. I dated Peach.
- I dated Zelda. Lara Croft.
- Whoa! Tomb Raider, Lara Croft?
Yes, yes, yes. I don't want to put that out there,
because we were more, like hooking up.
- She's great. She's married to this guy Kyle.
- Really?
He is so nice. You know,
he has the Ink Plus Card from Chase,
- so he gets extra points on a ton of things.
- So, do you Sonic the Hedgehog
- care about credit cards?
- Yeah, totally. I went to Rao's recently.
It's a big famous restaurant in New York City.
I went to Rao's.
- It was me, Tails, Matthew Modine--
- Matthew Modine?
I mean, just an amazing actor.
He was recently in Stranger Things.
- Yeah, yeah.
- But it was great. It was me,
it was Miles, it was Matthew Modine,
and you know that young pop singer
- Ariana Grande? Oh, OK.
- Yeah.
- She was there. She definitely knew me--
- Right.
- And she definitely was really into Matthew.
- Ariana Grande was in to Matthew Modine?
- They went home together.
- Are you sure you just didn't bring
her home or something like that,
like to her place?
- Like drive her home?
- Yeah.
- Like a chaperone, her home?
- Yeah.
I mean, you know Modine.
You know how Modine get down.
- No, I don't. And--
- He's a good friend of mine,
- and he get's down.
- You gotta let this Modine thing go.
I'd like to see Modine and you know,
maybe, in the next Bond.
You want to give Modine Bond?
Moodine's like 60 something man.
- He's not Bond.
- I mean, there are some parallels
with me and Bond.
You know, GoldenEye ripped off of
some of the concepts
that we were doing at Sonic.
- Wait? GoldenEye ripped some Sonic stuff off?
- The game. The game ripped off Sonic.
The game? Wait-What did GoldenEye the game
possibly rip off from Sonic the Hedgehog?
- Levels.
- Levels? The idea of levels?
Sonic, the idea of levels
did not start with Sonic the Hedgehog.
Matthew Modine just like being in 007--
Well, that's all the time we have.
It's been nice having you Sonic.
- I wish you the best in video game life.
- [Sonic's cell phone vibrates]
- Modine. What's up?
- Ah, man.
What's up buddy? I'm just finishing up
something. You want to get something to eat?
- Tell Matthew I say hello.
- What?
Tell Matthew Modine I say hello.
Mattie, God says hi. [giggling]
No. I can't say that.
Oh man. Today's episode has
been brought to you by Mercury,
The planet Mercury.
Mercury. I made it. I love it.
Check it out.
This has been Good God. God out!