Please don’t heckle comedians at the Oddball Comedy Festival. Heckle this guy instead.

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August 20, 2015


Hi, I'm Nate Dern with the
FOD Oddball News Team.
This year's Oddball festival
kicks off August 28th in Kansas City.
And since we want you on your best
behavior, I'm going to
let you get your heckling out now,
on me.
- You're not funny.
- Got me.
- You suck.
- Ouch.
- Why don't you go back to college?
- That's a good one.
Ah, yes, the best heckle is
to receive the light,
because that means it's time for
the stand-up to get off the stage.
So, I get it. You can stop.
Give me your best heckle.
- Get off the street bitch.
- Don't you mean stage?
- No.
- I'm trying to think of one,
but I'm so distracted by
your ugly shirt that I hardly can.
- Ow.
- You look like Paul Rudd let
himself go, and then go into a
car accident.
- Oh, that one was kind of
specific to me.
You can stop though. We get it.
Okay, I'll go. I'll go.
Okay, all we need to get started
is a suggestion.
- Kill yourself.
- I heard gymnasium.
( chuckles )
- You look like Paul Rudd cloned
himself a bunch, and one didn't
come out right.
- No more Paul Rudd ones, okay.
- You're an ugly, fucking, shit
head with no friends.
- How did you think of the same insult?
- Um, fuck you.
- William!
- Whoa, I'm sorry.
Um, fuck you sir.
- Better.
- Fuck you needle dick.
- That's a heckle?
- I didn't even know we were
rolling yet.
- Maybe we should not do this--
- Boo!
- We haven't started yet--
- Hey, hey, boo.
- No.
- Hey, Hey...
I found a guy that sucks.
Let's boo him.
People Walking By:
- Kill yourself.
- I'm going to.
- Everyone hates you. You
specifically, Nate Dern. That's right.
Where do you live?
I'll tell you right now.
Prospect Park Ave.
in Brooklyn, apartment 7.
- This has been Nate Dern for the
FOD Oddball News Team.
( sniffling )
You're all mean.
See you at the Oddball festival.