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December 10, 2013


Hi, this is Will Ferrell, and Adam McKay
And we are submitting this in the support of Shez
And his eventual, free'ing from being wrongly jailed for
making simply a video.
When you start putting people in jail for making videos you don't like
Then you're going to have to lock up the Polyophonic Spree, and that's no fun for anybody.
I like those guys.
Where would it stop?
Think of all the adorable little cats that would be in jail, and the
what did the fox say guy.
If you're going to put him in jail, then you might as well put me in jail.
I've made many videos talking about finagling my friends body parts, and sucking on his lips.
Shez is in prison right now for making a funny video
And yet I was in Boat Trip, and I am walking free everyday.
That's insane.
So if anyone deserves to go to jail, I do.
[door knocks]
[censor beep]
I'm in a show about politics, and some of our stories are pretty crazy
But even we wouldn't do a story about a guy being put in jail for 8 months
because he expressed himself through comedy.
Calling the United Arab Emirates.
This should handle it.
Got a message again.
[clears throat]
Basically, Dubai, if you want to be viewed as an international place, and destination
Don't put people in jail for making silly videos.
This is Dubai.
I am justice.
You free Shez.
You free him right now.
It's 2013, almost 2014, you gotta free Shez.
You gotta free'em
Free Shez
And while you're at it, free ice cream--
Just on Thursdays.
Please free Shez.
You know, It's one thing to have a bad sense of humor, but it's another thing to lock people up, because of it.
Locking people up for what they say, or what they think is funny is brutal, and beyond that it doesn't work.
Shez needs to be released, now.
I'm going to keep calling you, so.
Shez, stay strong.
Funny or Die supports you, and we support you.