Full Credits

A Giggle Break Production
“Weed Hand Dry” written by Emilia Barrosse and SloMo, produced by JB Stayge
Directed by Avi Kaye
Produced by Carlin Dacey and Daniel Rashid
DP/Editor: Avi Kaye
Drone Videographer: Jason Elliott
1st AD: Carlin Dacey
Hair and Makeup: Kassia Shishkoff
3D Title Design by Nate Makuch
Production Assistants: Courtney Berck and Walker Dowd-Whipple
Emilia Barrosse and SloMo
Marc Rosenzweig
Kassia Shishkoff
Daniel Rashid
Tyler Prado
Nate Makuch
Claire Berger
Caribay Franke
Victoria Martinez
Tyler Vendetti
Kate Bustamante
Carol Bass
Stacy Moon
Luke Ginger
Zach Shivers
Hannah Settle
Daniel Samson
Eva Barrosse
Tommaso Bulfone
Devon Albert-Stone
Linnea Bullion
Bo Bodnar
and a director cameo-flip by Avi Kaye

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April 19, 2017


You know what it is! Shit -- Damn Straight! (JB Stayge)
This one goes out to all y'all tryna kick it in the hot tub.
Keep your weed hand dry. Let's go.

[Verse 1]
Bubblin', hot tubbin' in the daylight.
Shouts out to Poseidon, he got that deep-sea swag, ladies am I right?
Yeah, we the type to light it up like it's the Fourth of July,
'Cause you know them Founding Fathers kept their quills wet, but their weed hands dry.

We ain't no bitches smokin' in no frat house basement.
Don't need to bro to smoke us up, fuckin' call me Ras Trent.
We in that hot tub double taskin', ain't no stoner shit;
Got spa jets, and dank jays, but my hand be dry as Satan's {gasp!}

This ain't no Little Mermaid turf, this where the people are.
Smokin' that, whattaya call it? Kush? Seaweed's for sushi bars,
So imma pass that jay like the Olympic torch flame,
it's sink or swim or smoke, you know I'm IN the tub, but ON my game.

'Cause ain't nobody like a soggy jay, you know it's true;
That shit for posers, that's a party foul, 'cause with my crew, we
Smoke marijuana, toke in the sauna, soak with that ganja, don't choke, just keep your weed hand dry

Keep your weed hand dry (put 'em up)
Keep your weed hand dry (take a puff)
No one likes a soggy jay, so listen when I say
Keep your weed hand dry, alright! (x2)

[Verse 2]
Hey now, (hold up) it's ya girl SloMo
Chillin' in the tub with my bitches, but no homo
I been known to roll blunts fat as a big toe,
we fly high, Han Solo, philosophize like Plato, we so dope

Forget bottles in the club, Small Fry & SloMo always down to roll it up
When we in the hot tub, we be blazin' all day,
homies know I'm reppin' Brooklyn when they see me on that J!

You could call me Puffy when I'm hittin' this spliff
Or maybe just Buffy 'cause I'm slayin' this shit.
I'm all about the trees, so I gotta love that Willow
box set when I get it poppin' 'fore my head be up on that pillow.

This ain't no cartel, but I got bud on every lado.
Smokin' enough green, call me the mayor Colorado,
Best not disrespect the rules that you know you gotta follow,
Homes harshin' up my mellow, ain't no easy pill to swallow--

If your ass aint high? Take another puff!
If you feel so fly? Take another puff!
Bitch don't ask me why! Take another puff!
But if your hand ain't dry, GET THE FUCK OUT THE TUB!

Keep your weed hand dry (put 'em up)
Keep your weed hand dry (take a puff)
No one likes a soggy jay, so listen when I say
Keep your weed hand dry, alright! (x2)