Tony Hale tries to promote his film but has to dodge sexual humiliation, porn... more »

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(dramatic music)
->Hi, I'm Jim Brockmire, host of Brock Bottom,Thank you, son.
->Let me start you offWhat?Your worst sexual experience.I'm sorr--See, Tony, on my show, we talk aboutYou know, you do know that this is a kid's movie, right?Oh, yeah, I sat throughOkay, it's just, usually, people start withOkay, no, all right, I'll dance to that tune.So I play Squeaker.Go ahead.It's just, that's a flask of liquor.I'm sorry, I just had to wash the taste of that answerI'd say, well, let's put that back in your coatAll right, I'm sorry.(laughing) Oh my god.Oh, come on!I'm not gonna tell you that.Alright, do you believe in God, and if so,Not gonna answer that.Okay, which of your parents do you love more?This is, now I'm getting pissed.What porn have you masturbated toThis is fucking insane!Language, please!What do you mean, language, please?What do you mean, peaked?I mean I haven't gotten it up!Haven't gotten it up in years?What the fuck is happening?All right, let me ask you about the movie.It's the work that I'm here for!I understand.Ohh!Squeaker.That's literally the biggest spoiler of the movie.I'm so sorry.No, but sure, what's the question?Have you, Tony Hale, ever stared into somebody's eyesHave you?I once watched a stray dog dieSo you sat down,I don't recall.That is bullshit.Language!
->That's bullshit.Language.That's bullshit!Langua--
->When it hits a button,All right, I saw my own reflection, okay?Yes!Oh.