Uzo Aduba auditioned for every single role in Orange is the New Black before being cast as Crazy Eyes.

Full Credits

Writer/Director: LP
Editor: Caleb Swyers
Producer: Bette Bentley
Producer: Betsy Koch
Starring: Uzo Aduba
DP: Jonathan Nichols
Coordinator: Becca Scheuer
AC: Ray Lee
Gaffer: Adam Bial
Key Grip: Matt Diamond
Sound: Ryan Kaiser
Hair: Jamika Wilson
Makeup: Jessica Smalls
Wardrobe: Tala Bakhtar
PA: Cole MacFarlane
Hair/Mu FX: Brenna Haukedahl


(big sigh)
Uzo Aduba: Hi, I'm Uzo.
Uzo Aduba: Um, love the script, love the stories.
All the characters incredible,
Uzo Aduba: all of them. can't wait.
Uzo Aduba: So let's get this.
We got this.
Uzo Aduba: We got this.
Uzo Aduba: Ooh, I feel that.
Uzo Aduba: Okay.
Uzo Aduba: Hold on, I just need like 2 seconds.
Uzo Aduba: Haa!
Uzo Aduba: Whoo!
(long exhale)
Uzo Aduba: Uzo Aduba.
Uzo Aduba: Reading for Taystee.
Uzo Aduba: So, there I am, topless sitting in
a construction site, and
Uzo Aduba: barbecue sauce all over my titties,
and I'm like what the fuck? Again?
Uzo Aduba: I'm Uzo, and I'm reading for
Poussey. my name is Poussey.
(speaks a foreign language)
Uzo Aduba: Skeet, skeet.
(speaks a foreign language)
Uzo Aduba: Yeah, you understand that shit?
Uzo Aduba: Skeet, skeet.
Director: None of
that was French.
Uzo Aduba: It is... (speaks a foreign language)
Uzo Aduba: Bitch. Fuck ya'll.
Uzo Aduba: Ya'll skeet-skeet, skeet-skeet.
Director: Are you doing Lil Wayne?
Uzo Aduba: Are you fucking kidding me?
Uzo Aduba: Fuck you Piper.
Uzo Aduba: Fuck Piper.
Uzo Aduba: Fuck me Piper.
Uzo Aduba: Are you fucking me?
Uzo Aduba: Piper, are you fucking with me?
Uzo Aduba: Fucking Pipper. Whoa. Whoa, sorry.
Uzo Aduba: You come and you taste the borscht.
I can make it for you,
Uzo Aduba: whenever you want.
(blows heavily)
(makes a scorching sound)
Uzo Aduba: (shivers) Cold.
Uzo Aduba: I got a gun in my pocket.
It's called a vagina.
Uzo Aduba: Bless this audition. Please,
bless these casting directors.
Uzo Aduba: I have been starved out, felt
up, teased, stalked, threatened,
Uzo Aduba: and called Taylor Swift.
Uzo Aduba: Vagina!
Uzo Aduba: (sings) Orange is the...
Director: Can you back up
a little bit, and we'll try that?
Uzo Aduba: It doesn't work from here?
(Director): No, it's too close.
Uzo Aduba: How about here?
Uzo Aduba: (sings) New...
Uzo Aduba: I don't even really even have to
be on camera. I'm ok with doing
Uzo Aduba: Something in the back, if you want
me to be, I don't know, if
Uzo Aduba: You need a best boy.
(thrusting sounds)
(exhales loudly)
Uzo Aduba: Wait, I'm sorry, question. um, do you
think we should maybe change this to
Uzo Aduba: someone else because I don't
think anybody would ever actually
Uzo Aduba: call me Taylor Swift, because of my...
Director: Oh, we wanted you to read
for crazy ex.
Uzo Aduba: I didn't really connect
with that character.