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Full Credits

Starring: NOFX
Featuring: Matt Besser, Betsy Sodaro, John Gemberling, Chris Reed, Drew DiFonzo Marks, Toni Charline Ramos, Bunny Gibson, Phil Painter, Greg Schindler, Dan Lippert
Director/Editor: Brad Schulz
Producer: Eleanor Winkler
DP: Matt Sweeney
Visual Effects- Kegan Swyers
Graphic Effects- Shawn James & Darryl Sharp
Stedicam: Chris Loh
1st AC: Steven Kan
2nd AC Sophie Bruza
Camera Intern: Ryan Bender
Gaffer: Jenn Cohen
Key Grip: Dominic D'Astice
Swing: Kaiden Tremain
Swing: David Gilmore
Production Designer: Cliff Collins
Art Assist: Owen Cook
Art PA: Doug Freedman
Wardrobe: Briana Jorgenson
Playback: Mike Robertson
H&MU: Erin Blin
Production Coordinator: Glenn Fellman, PA: Elle Eckley, Zach Lutch, Mordy Tomobsky, Sam Maddox


[ "Oxy Moronic" by NOFX plays ]
♪ I've been called
an Oxy Moron ♪
♪ Because I question
which drugs the war's on ♪
♪ Why are there more drug stores
than liquor stores you can score on ♪
♪ The healers have
become the harmers ♪
♪ They're just
Pharmaceutical Pharmers ♪
♪ What we used
to call dealers ♪
♪ We now call doctors ♪
♪ I might be a CDCynic ♪
♪ 'Cause that crack house
is now called a clinic ♪
♪ It's time they change the name
of the oath to the hippocritic ♪
♪ Or the parasitic ♪
♪ It isn't
Adderall-truistic ♪
♪ By overprescribing ♪
♪ How can we fight
them in a Suboxone ring ♪
♪ I'll throw a
Prozacuzation ♪
♪ With a sub-Ketamine-ing ♪
♪ They'll say my fears
are Quaaludicrous ♪
♪ And should be
Ativanishing ♪
♪ With every
Demeraltercation ♪
♪ They'll have a good
Xanaxplanation ♪
♪ You're just Cialistrated cuz
we made your dick deflated ♪
♪ It's Oxy Moronic
It's Oxy Moronic ♪
♪ It should be the doctors
getting busted ♪
♪ For their Klonopinions
we trusted ♪
♪ We're not the sinners they're the
ones who served us the Vicodinners ♪
♪ I don't wanna
be an alarmist ♪
♪ But in that harmacy
there's a harmocist ♪
♪ And those scripts are making
us Paximple minded pacifists ♪
♪ It's Oxy Moronic
It's Oxy Moronic ♪
♪ It's Oxy Moronic ♪
♪ It's Oxy Moronic ♪
♪ Don't think that
I Ambien crazy ♪
♪ The Medical
Industrial Complex ♪
♪ Keeps us Viagravated and
hard to come because of Percosex ♪
♪ How can we
Hydrocondone ♪
♪ Their blatant
misconduct ♪
♪ They don't care for patients,
they care about pushing product ♪
♪ Are you Oxy Moronic for
wanting your daily Chronic ♪
♪ And making your mom's house
hydroponic, you're Oxy Moronic ♪
♪ I've been called
an Oxy Moron ♪
♪ For getting my
metaphor on ♪
♪ Linoleum is the floor I'm on,
I'm an Oxy Moron ♪
♪ It's time to be alarmed,
we're not being healed ♪
♪ We're being harmed ♪
♪ Our country's being
Phactory Pharmed, it's Oxy Moronic ♪
♪ It's time to sound the alarma,
we can't put our faith in Karma ♪
♪ We got a common enemy
they're called Big Pharma ♪
♪ And it's Oxy Moronic ♪
♪ And it's Oxy Moronic ♪
♪ It's all Oxy Moronic ♪
♪ It's all Oxy Moronic ♪
[male in voiceover]
Oxy Moronic should be
used as directed.
You should call your doctor
if you experience pubic hair growth
on your face or neck.
In rare cases, Oxy Moronic
has been known to cause patients
to regain unconsciousness,
take both sides of an
argument and polygamy.
Other side effects may include
a sexual attraction to windows,
eyeball growth, trash can
envy, tongue expansion,
considering yourself the most
interesting person in the room,
spinal retraction, subtle driving,
a frowny smile,
pigeon coupon collecting,
and playing basketball.
In more severe cases,
some patients have experienced,
sharting as a daily ritual,
obsession with average results,
liking people you never did before,
clown fighting, and growth of extra holes.
Ask your doctor about
Oxy Moronic today.