Will a second superman make the city a safer place? Or will it just make things SUPER awkward between Batman and Superman?

Full Credits

Written by Dan Abramson
Animation by Hector Padilla
Zack Poitras as Superman
Matt Klinman as Batman
Producer: Rob Hatch-Miller
Editor: Matt Mayer
Post Producer: Alex Parks


(triumphant music)
- The Bat Signal. Time to ride.
- Hey, Batman.
- What do you want now, Superman?
- I've got big news.
- Oh?
- Look, what's better than one Superman?
Two Supermans, two Supermen.
- I was gonna say no Supermans.
- Ba-boom.
- Why do I feel like you've done something really stupid?
- Uh, 'cause I didn't.
I cloned myself.
- You cloned yourself?
- Yoo-hoo.
- He can protect the city,
and we can spend more time being best friends.
- Let's get fighting.
- I can't believe I'm gonna say this,
but I'm impressed.
You know, forget hanging out.
Why don't the three of us team up,
and we can really vanquish crime forever?
- Well, he's definitely super,
but when you make a clone,
you get, you know, kind of like a slight downgrade
from the original.
- So, like what?
I mean, can he fly?
- Absolutely not, no, he can't fly at all.
Even when he jumps, he falls.
- Alright, well, but I mean,
as long as he's got super strength, I mean that's.
- He's definitely, I think, strong of character.
- Wait a minute. Is this?
Is your clone shitty?
- No.
I mean by shitty, do you mean does he have, like, bad vision
because then, I mean the answer is yes,
he does have bad vision.
- Look out, the Joker.
- That's just a cat, Mr. Clone.
That's just a cat.
- He's not even punching the cat.
He's punching the air above the cat.
Your clone's fucked.
- I can have sex with that Bat.
- Mr. Clone.
- What the fuck?
- Mr. Clone, keep it down.
- Did he just
say he can have sex with me?
- I mean, he's just paying you a compliment.
Do you not like him?
I'm getting the vibe right now that you don't like him.
- Let's just say, I'm no longer as impressed as I once was.
- You know, I did have to get
the money from an outside source to do it.
I couldn't do it all by myself.
- What do you mean an outside source?
- You know him. You've met him a few times.
He's your tailor.
- You mean, Alfred?
He's not my tailor, he's my confidante.
- Yeah, but you know, you confidante-ly
let him shorten your inseam.
I mean, anyways, I told Alfred that you know,
you're in trouble and I needed money to help you.
- You told him I was in trouble?
- You know, you are in trouble
because it's troubling how little we hang out, okay?
So, I asked him to liquidate all of your finances.
- What?
- It's not like I spent all your money on my clone, okay?
I made a clone for you, too.
- Hey, who wants to fuck?
- What?
- Meet your clone.
- So, let me get this straight.
You used all my family's money
to make a shitty version of you
and a hornier version of me.
- I'm Bat.
- I love Bat.
- I am Bat. Do you like?
Do you like masturbate?
- I like masturbate you.
- Oh Jesus. Oh.
This is what you wanted for us, huh?
That's what it looks like
when Batman and Superman are really good friends.