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Full Credits

Nathaniel Salisbury / Trent
Gentry White / Deshawn
Michaela Haas / DJ Sparkle
Kasey Haas / Mom
John Palmer / Mr P
Marc Payne / Dizz
Directed by / Jack Henry Robbins
Written by / James Gallagher & Jack Henry Robbins
Executive Producer / Tim Robbins
Produced By / Ali Sandler
Co-Producer + Editor / Avner Shiloah
Director of Photography / Dan Chen
Production Designer / Alex Mosley
Art Director / Kendra Bradanini
Graphics / Alexander Gao
Sound Design / Matthew Schwartz
Music Supervisor / Angela Asistio
Associate Producer / Jonathan Ahdout + Nell Sherman
Assistant Director / Jeff Cohn + Nikolai Vanyo
Production Sound / Kevin Meier, Mike Nicastro, Joe Sloan
Additional Camera / Michael Coursey, Alexander Gao, Cory Sanford
Colorist / Jordan McNeil
Digital Intermediate by Evidence Labs
Digital Imaging Technician / Cory Sanford
Music Clearances / Sam Belkin
“Dinner Scene”
Written and Performed by Andrew Balasia
“Bond Street”
Written and Performed by Gabriel Wax

Stats & Data

April 11, 2017


Man>Trent?What's up, bro?What's up, man?It's well on the bag.Yeah.What's up, bro?Well, I was wonderin' if you wanted toLater, bro.Later, bro.
->Later, man.Have a good one.He didn't tell you he was leaving, did he?No, he didn't say a word, man.My gosh.Hey, what if he starts DJ-ing with some other dudeYou really care about him, don't you?Yeah,Why do you care about him so much though?BecauseDo you remember Mark?Yeah.Mark, he was my big bro when I came into the frat.Yeah, I remember.Mark and I did everything together.Dude, I know exactly how you feel.Yeah, it was beautiful.So, I gotta talk to him, bro.You have to.What do you think I should say to him?You say, "James, you've been my little broJames, you've been my little broAnd we have done everything together.And we have done everything together.And I love you.Why?Because you're handsome.Thanks, man.I do.Ah.Show me.Alright, bro.Fix this up.I'm good?You're good.I'm gonna go get my man.Honey, can you eat something?Not hungry.Well, don't play with your food.I'm bored.As an experiment, Moby ran an old, broken Bakelite radioI'm so stupid.Kayla, I think you're wonderful just the way you are.You're my mom.Yeah, but you need to have fun with this.Okay.I love you.I love you.Do you want your nightlight on?No, I think it's giving me headaches.Okay.I love you.Good night.To be honest, you changed my life.You really think you're going to get fired?Yeah.Really?I got money.Oh really, you modeled really?Yeah man, I was a model, I swear.[Man In Black Shirt] No shit.Yeah man, I swear to God.[Man In Black Shirt] Oh shit.I traveled around the world.I don't know, man.I know, I know.Nah.Take your timeAlright, we done good, Mr. P.We've done very good.Try and smoke a joint?For real?For real.