A woman's life is forever changed after she is introduced to the handsome, yet tormented, Christopher Walken.

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[male 1 in voiceover]
I had a feeling you wanted to see me.
[male 1] What can I do you for?
- I like a kind of woman like yourself.
- Okay, fine. I'll have dinner with you.
- Because I'm... hungry, but we are only talking.
- Get outta here.
- No rules. No more secrets.
- Come on baby.
Gimme a kiss.
- So you're a control freak?
- One can never have too much power.
- He was very intense.
- Her legs... went on for days.
[male 1 speaking softly]
You know that I'm complicating this?
Could we go someplace else?
Are you gonna
make love to me now?
- You just gonna stand their gawking?
- I won't bite.
- I find you intimidating.
- Your boyfriend has a reputation.
[male 1] Do you want to be kept?
I have respect...
I've never looked at another woman.

[female 2] Do you think you're the
first woman that has tried to save him?
[male 2] It's not enough to
say you love someone...
You have to show it.
[male 1]
I want to show you something.
Why? What's in there?
Hope I can rock your world.
[male 1] Let the games begin.
This is not about sex.
It's about power.
I'm naked.

That's a lot of sex.