Mike reviews all the port-a-potties at Pemberton Music Festival 2015.

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July 24, 2015


Hey guys, it's Mike for Funny or Die News, and I'm here in British Columbia Canada for
the Pemberton music festival. Now if there's one thing that music fests are known for it's their
stellar, borderline luxurious bathroom situations. Today I'm going to review
every single one of them.
[Dance Music]
Alright, lets get started. We're going to start with a porta potty number one.
[Dance Music]
Alright, that was pretty good. It was serviceable. Nothing special.
stars. Alright, lets try a second one.
Honestly that was pretty close to the first one. I'm surprised they put the two so close together,
but again, I had a good pee, no problems.
4 stars.
Yeah, 4 stars. Let's try a third one.
Honestly that was pretty close to the first 2, but it was still good.
Again, I just pee'd a little bit so I can keep this going, but uh, 2 stars.
Alright, as you can see this one is oriented differently from the other porta potties.
I think it's a nice feng shui thing. I'm sure they had a lot of thoughts, and meetings, and plannings
went into this one. It was good. Functionally inside it was the same as the others,
but yeah, 9 stars.
I'm not even sure I understand our star system. Like what are we even rating these
up to?
[Dance Music]
Dude, if these all have a bathroom in them, I'm kind of fucked. I can't go this much.
Alright, well these ones are blue, that's something different right? Let's
see what's different inside.
Blue was the only difference. The only difference was that it was blue.
I couldn't pee. I pee'd in so many urinals already. I don't have any pee left in me.
I don't know what can we do?
[Dance Music]
Okay, I'm good. Let's go. I think I'm good.
Alright, I'm back, and I'm hydrated baby. Let's see some toilets.
I still feel like I'm not ready to pee yet. Like I drank a lot of water, but I don't
have to go quite yet. Can we just burn 20 minutes or something?
Alright, looks like we have a couple more to do.
[Dance Music]
Are you fucking kidding me? There's so many in here.
I can't pee that much more you know. Like, are there a lot more bathrooms here? I'm
going to have to start lying. I'm just going to be like, well that was good.
It was good.
[Dance Music]
Oh my god, that toilet was so awesome. Let's try this one.
That one if possible was better than the last. This one was fine. These are all fine.
You know what? Great-great-great, all 4 stars. Let's keep going - let's keep moving.
I don't fucking want to do this anymore. I'm out of pee.
Don't push me. I don't push you.
It's going to be exactly like the rest of those.
[Dance Music]
Did you know there are ones like this in here?
This is a dream.
[Choral Music]
This one seems really out of place.
[Choral Music]
It's almost beautiful.
Let's take a look.
[Choral Music]
Oh, it's the same. It's the same as all the other ones.
Alright you guys, this is it. This is the last porta potty at the Pemberton music festival.
Piece de resistance. Let's have a look.
[Triumphant Music]
I've done this one before.
Matt, how many of these have we done twice?

> A lot.

> Alright, well, I've officially pee'd in every porta potty in Pemberton. Mostly fucking
disgusting, but some where only very gross.
I'd say that I would see you guys next year,
but I'm not going to do this again. Bye.
[Triumphant Music]