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Full Credits

Michaela Haas / DJ Sparkle
James Morosini / James
Nathaniel Salisbury / Trent
John Palmer / Mr P
Marc Payne / Dizz
Jessica Sherman / Principal Monroe
Kasey Haas / Mom
Lucas Walsh / Lance
Mykayla Sohn / Bunny Girl 1
Hannah Sohn / Bunny Girl 2
Alyssa Miller / Bianca
LeAire George / LeAire
Alexander Gao / Coursey
Jonny Ahdout / Jonny
Chasen Tyler Bauer / Luke
Gentry White / Deshawn
Daniel Fissmer / Nemo
Garrett Bales / Fink
Daniel Arguedas / Turk
Matt Rosita / Styles
Dean Alexander / Rodger
Kirk Kraus / Chad
Robert Rushin / Brad
Stormie Daye / Adrian
Grant Linden / Drake
Joey Heyden / Billy
Stefanny Delong, Tessa Farias, Katie Garland
Directed by / Jack Henry Robbins
Written by / James Gallagher & Jack Henry Robbins
Executive Producer / Tim Robbins
Produced By / Ali Sandler
Co-Producer + Editor / Avner Shiloah
Director of Photography / Dan Chen
Production Designer / Alex Mosley
Art Director / Kendra Bradanini
Graphics / Alexander Gao
Sound Design / Matthew Schwartz
Music Supervisor / Angela Asistio
Associate Producer / Jonathan Ahdout + Nell Sherman
Assistant Director / Jeff Cohn + Nikolai Vanyo
Production Sound / Kevin Meier, Mike Nicastro, Joe Sloan
Additional Camera / Nelson DeCastro, Alexander Gao, Dan Marino
Colorist / Jordan McNeil
Digital Intermediate by Evidence Labs
Digital Imaging Technician / Cory Sanford
Music Clearances / Sam Belkin
“Union Street”
Written and Performed by Gabriel Wax
“Chocolate Bar”
Written and Performed by Andrew Balasia
Written by Sean Thrust and Michael Mays
Performed by Sort Of
Written by Travis Blankenship
Performed by T Blank
Courtesy of Rightwave Music

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April 11, 2017


(light guitar strum)
(light electronic music)
(slow drum beats)
Man>He don't want it.Follow meIt's no way to teach, you justBut my kids are learning. Period.Are they learning, or are they memorizing?They're learning. They're making it their own.Okay. You're employed here as a teacher, not a musician.I have an idea.Okay, I'm not familiar with theseI'll share it with you.The techno is inappropriate. It's just too plain loud.But we can make an adjustment,This is the adjustment I would like to make.We can try that today.Thank you very much.You're welcome. Look forward to seeing you.Okay Mr. Palmer.I have one question for you.Yes.
->Will you please be on time?I won't be late.Good.Thank you Mr. Palmer.Rebecca where are you?!Makayla, when was the last time you had her?If I knew when I had her I would have her in my hand!She's just a doll.She's not just a doll!Oh, Makayla.School sucks!Makayla!No!I love myself.We love bunnies because they're so fuzzyand cute, and they definitely never cause trouble.Yeah.We have a bunny at home and-You're upset. Is it because you're nervous aboutNo.You look really nervous.I'm not.Well if I were you I'd be very nervousYes.Are you sure?Yes.Maybe you think that, but do you know that?Makayla, are you okay?I'll find her, I'll be fine.Well, when I'm upset I like to eat one of these.Maybe just one bite.Thank you brother Turk.Thank you brother Styles.Yeah!Sick.I just want to tell you guys that I reallyA few months ago I was completely blackoutDave! Dave! Dave! Dave!I'm so excited!You didn't know?!Look it's not like bro code is done, okay?Do you have any idea how easy it isBro code is foreverDo you know how many DJ's there are in Paris?Like a thousand?Exactly.That's a lot of DJ's.They're gonna be all over you, bro.Look, but no no no, look.Dude, you ripped my heart out in front of the entire frat.I don't know I wasn't thinking, man.I'm you're best friend, bro.Sometimes things just are so confusing,Yeah, only two months.Please don't be mad at me.I cannot even look at you right now.How can I make this better, Trent?You can't make it better, dude.Pop. One and two and three and four,So like you want me to choreograph getting into a ball?No, no I just want you to go over there,Okay!Okay, ready?Oh yeah, born ready.Come on.You want somethingCan I have a chocolate, uh,Frappucino?No, yeah, yeah.Makayla,What?Are you okay?I'm fine, why?Are you feeling more hyper than you usually are?I feel great!Makayla, look at me.No, it's fine.How many have you taken?I only had like ...I'm calling your mother.No, you're not!That's it, I'm calling your mother, Makayla.No! No!I'm calling Casey.You're fired!What?You are fired!What do you mean?Turn around, I'm unzipping you!No Makayla, please don't do this.I said, you're fired!I've been working way too long and too hard for this.You're fired face.I wish you all the best, Makayla.I want those cups checked James,So, you are gonna tell me a secret,Okay, let's go.That's what I'm talking about babe.Just tell me something that I can ask someoneYou wanna know something that nobody knows?What?I think you're really funny.Omegas! Omegas! Omegas!Bro code!