In January 2017, the Trump Pre-Crime division was born to protect the American... more »

Full Credits

Written by Jocelyn Richard
Directed & Edited by Matt Mayer
Starring: Mike O'Gorman, Zack Poitras and Eliot Schwartz
Producer: Rob Hatch-Miller
Producer: Luke Esselen
Executive Producer: Kate Lilly
Post Producer: Alex Parks
DP: Matt Sweeney
Production Designer: Justin Barnette
Location Manager: Irina Ancevska
VFX: Joe Humpay
1st AD: Nicole Jordan-Weber
Production Coordinator: Jack Bradley
Gaffer: Matt Krueger
1st AC: Steve Kan
Key Grip: David Gilmore
Swing: Stephen St. Peter
Hair & Makeup: Jessica Leigh Schwartz
Wardrobe: Jordan Scheinberg
Sound Mixer: Danny Carpenter, BoTown Sound
Art PA: Tony Lugo
PAs: Ryan McDonough, McKenzie Nelson, Nabeer Khan


(atmospheric orchestral music)
->Oh yeah, grand theft auto, life in prison.Since January, 2017,Oh here's a good one.What's he doing?He's scrubbing pre-visions for clues about future crimes.Future crime?Yeah, they're gonna happen.Emigrated from Honduras three years ago with his kidsIs that really necessary?Just watch.Hey Donald, tell the suit what's next.This highly illegal immigrantI'm sorry.Who are you, son?Danny Woodwar, I'm here to review this divisionOkay, first of all, Danny is a child's name.Pre-cogs?Pre-cognitives.That is absolutely right and they are never wrong.I don't care about the cogs.It's called predetermination, it happens all the time,Well why didn't your cogs see that coming?Because I'm not a minority.Stop.Ooh, that's Laverne Cox.Okay, I'm calling the Justice Department.What did you just say to me?Pre-crime is fake.That's what I say when I don't like something.Oh, sick.Where did you get those gloves?I bough them at Hammacher Schlemmer.Ooh-Wee, D, I gotta get me a pair of those gloves.Aren't they fantastic gloves?