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Full Credits

Starring - Ashley Hinshaw and Kathryn Hahn
Featuring - Drew Brooks, Dave Ferguson, Billy Merritt, Marisa Pinson, James Pumphrey, Marshall Givens, Ilana Cohn, Willy Roberts, Ed Salazar
Background - Miguel Ayala, Lauren Armstrong, Alex Kavutskly, Amy Reinke, Jamie Patterson, Amy Carolina
Writer/Directors - Lauryn Kahn and Lauren Palmigiano
Producer - Alex Richanbach
Editor - Brett Bachman
Music - Daniel Walter
Director of Photography - Luca Del Puppo
First Assistant Camera - Ray Lee
Gaffer - Nilo Zimmerman
Key Grip - Aleks Abad
Best Boy Grip - Eric Tolzmann
Hair and Makeup - Emily Rae
Hair and Makeup Assistant - Stacey Brewer
Background: Ryan Shadeck
Production Design - Martin Vallejo and Ellie Del Campo
Production Design Assistants - Candy Lopez
Wardrobe - Amber Hamzeh
Wardrobe Assistant - Stephen James
Sound - BoTown Sound
First Assistant Director - Lauren Smitelli
Production Assistants - Andrew Grissom, Ross Buran, Becca Scheuer


(explosion sounds)
(whispers) Exclusive
(crowd chattering)
(ominous music)
Drew Brooks: We could leave the
bar and no one would know.
Ashley Hinshaw: No, they'd catch us.
It's my sisters birthday.
We wouldn't get 10 feet.
Marisa Pinson: It's my birthday, bitches!
Woman 2: Let's do another.
Eww, what's in there.
Ashley Hinshaw: Wow! Yeah!
Kathryn Hahn: Welcome,
welcome. The time has come
Kathryn Hahn: to select the courageous men and women
Kathryn Hahn: for the honor of representing yourselves
Kathryn Hahn: in the 2012 Hung Over Games!
Ashley Hinshaw: You don't think
we'll get picked, right?
Drew Brooks: No, we're young. We
don't even get hangovers.
Kathryn Hahn: And the first tribute is ...
Kathryn Hahn: Conner!
James Pumphrey: Seriously?
Man 2: Yeah!
Kathryn Hahn: Gina.
Gina: I'm gonna beat your
ass, you clown bitch.
Kathryn Hahn: Bob.
Billy Merritt: What's this now?
Kathryn Hahn: Is there a Peter Burt?
Peter: Will I have a
chance to change my card?
Kathryn Hahn: Your final tribute is ...
Kathryn Hahn: Carnation Evergreen!
Marisa Pinson: What?
Ashley Hinshaw: She's too drunk.
Marisa Pinson: I'm just, you're being so,
Marisa Pinson: I don't even know what I'm doing.
Ashley Hinshaw: I volunteer.
Ashley Hinshaw: I volunteer. Excuse me, I volunteer.
Kathryn Hahn: Oh, a sisterly love.
Drew Brooks: They just want a good show.
Drew Brooks: That's all they want.
Ashley Hinshaw: Hell, their waking us up at 5AM.
Ashley Hinshaw: I can't function that early.
Drew Brooks: That's true. You're (bleep).
Kathryn Hahn: As it was decreed each year
Kathryn Hahn: neighborhood bars would offer up drunkards
Kathryn Hahn: as tributes to compete
after a night of drinking.
Kathryn Hahn: There are no sunglasses, no
water, no headache medicine.
Kathryn Hahn: These are the Hung Over Games.
♫ (techno music) ♫
Peter: Here, 2 Advil.
Peter: I just keep wishing I could think
of a way to show them they don't own me.
I'm gonna barf, but it'll still be me.
Ashley Hinshaw: I don't have that luxury.
Ashley Hinshaw: I have a sensitive gag reflex.
James Pumphrey: Hey, I was just Instagramming.
♫ (thriller music) ♫
Male Voiceover: (whispers) 10, 9, 8, 7
Male Voiceover: 6, 5, 4, 3
Male Voiceover: 2, 1
(music continues)
Ashley Hinshaw: This sucks.