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A lot of Star Wars fans out there
upset Ron Howard's been chosen to
replace the Han Solo directors.
But uh...
Mee-sa think it's a great move.
I mean...
He's gonna make great choices.
Best choice would probably be
to put Jar Jar in the movie.
If that's gonna happen
Ron's the man to do it.
Ron Howard's one of the most powerful
people in Hollywood.
He can make that call.
Would be the right call.
Because Jar Jar Binks is a beloved character
who's in great shape right now.
Like, great physical shape.
If you really wanna turn this movie around
you gotta get Jar Jar in there.
and not just,
like, a supporting role.
I mean, maybe it's a Jar Jar movie now.
You know?
Mee-sa don't think he's been called yet
but he's available.
That's for sure.
Also, Jar Jar and Ron
could develop a very special relationship together.
That could be cool.
For Ron.
Maybe they could become life long friends.
Ride tandem bikes and shit.
So, Star Wars fans,
don't fret.
Ron Howard could still come through here
by calling Jar Jar Binks
and saying...
Be the star of the Han Solo film.
That's how you make Star Wars better.
At least, mee-sa think so.
May the force be with Ron.