After bringing in musician Kevin Garrett to help with staff morale, the Funny Or Die office realizes just how much of a bummer he is.

Full Credits

Written by Jason Flowers
Directed by Matt Mayer
Starring: Kevin Garrett, Pat O'Brien, Jason Flowers, Langan Kingsley, Alex Griffin, Josh Brown, Ben Wietmarschen, Dave Rosenberg, Jocelyn Richard, Matt Mayer, Darren Miller, Kevin Porter, Dashiell Driscoll, Ego Nwodim and Dan Abramson
Producer: Rob Hatch-Miller
Producer: Luke Esselen
Executive Producer: Kate Lilly
Post Producer: Alex Parks
DP: Mike Rossetti
Production Designer: Simone Duff
Editors: Salamo Manetti-Lax and Matt Mayer
Original Music: Zach Reino
Production Coordinator: Nabeer Khan
1st AC: Maryn McGaw
Camera Operator: Benjamin Rutkowski
Gaffer: Stephanie Hauser
Key Grip: Aaron Defazio
Hair & Makeup: Jenny Osborne
Wardrobe Stylist: Victoria Zengo
Sound Mixer: Danny Carpenter, BoTown Sound
PA: Anna Halligan

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- [Voice] Gadoosh.
- Let's just go with the crazy dog idea,
and then if everyone can get their
BP Oil branded ideas in by noon, that would be great.
Oh, and has everyone had a chance to meet Kevin Garrett?
There he is.
♫ What's up, everybody?
Kevin is a recording artist,
as you can see by the pipes.
He's gonna be hanging out here
just to kinda get like inspiration for new songs and stuff.
We all love music, so it should be a real win-win for us.
Alright, cool, I think that's it.
♫ Goodbye
♫ See ya later
(phone ringing)
- Hey, what's up, coffee squad?
How is the java brewing today?
- Just like I like it, this way.
- You know, it's funny.
At the office, I'm just like,
gimme more coffee!
But at home, I'm grindin' beans,
foamin' cream-
♫ Grinded up my heart
♫ And left me with no cream
♫ Pour my love into a big gray cup
♫ And drown me in your beans
♫ My heart is black, black, black
- I thought this was supposed to
make us happy, I mean, this is
♫Just like my coffee, coffee
- really bumming me out.
- Yeah.
♫ Give me a heart attack, tack, tack
- I'm gonna go call my grandma.
♫ And then you bury me, bury me
- That was a good one.
♫ Did a little baby have a nightmare?
♫ Are you afraid of the dark?
♫ Have you been stricken by your own fear?
♫ Looks like it's gonna leave a mark
- Could I get an envelope while you're in there?
(haunting techno music)
♫ Poor little Joshy
Thank you. Bye. Thank you.
♫ That little baby boy
(door slams)
- Yo. You see the game last night?
- (scoffs) Did I?
I won 50 bucks when Curry hit that half-court shot.
- Dude, yes!
(soulful piano music)
♫ I try to wash my hands of you
♫ But you keep crawlin' back
(ignition starting)
(motor running)
(upbeat piano music)
♫ Listen up, listen up
♫ Games are super
♫ Listen up, listen up
♫ So are you
(game beeping)
♫ Yeah
♫ Quit playin' games
(fire alarm ringing)
♫ Your love is a fire
♫ And I need to be burned
♫ Burned from the fire
♫ Happy birthday to you!
- Oh!
♫ This is for sure
♫ Darren's last birthday
♫ The doctors all agree
♫ You're gonna die soon
- Happy birthday, Darren.
- As long as Dash is fine doing posts, I think-
- Yeah.
- I can handle it.
I just think we need to know the-
♫ This isn't even a song
♫ I just wanna make you cry
- Hey, Kevin.
What's up, man?
Listen, great job today,
but we crunched some numbers,
and it looks like we're gonna have to let you go.
I'm really sorry.
- I didn't realize I was
an actual employee.
- If you could just kinda pack your shit
and get the hell outta here, that would be huge.
- You know, this gives me a great idea for a song.
- See, this is the kinda shit I'm talking about.
Dan, would you mind showing him to the door, please?
(humming cheerfuly)
- Go ahead.
Yeah, take care, Kev.
- Lemme call you back.
(logo squeaking)