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Announcer>Gadush!Alright now you read the memo!Hey Mr. Harvey, time for maintenance to come checkOh player, player, right now I'm just trying toOh right, yes, of course Mr. Harvey, yes, of course.Uh huh.Top five answers on the board.Sorry Mr. Harvey, just watering the plants.Oh player, look here, the plants only needHey!How long is this gone take?Oh, vending machine?Wait a minute player, are you from the hospital?Yeah, I might miss the stickers.This is the Steve Harvey, uh oh.Totally tangled up in this rope,I can't relax, I can't relax!Enough John.The memo.
->The memo.I know this thing gon' mock me,Meditate,Mr Harvey, you gotta help me, they tied this around myplaya!