Will Ferrell & Adam McKay sit down in an 11 episode series to reminisce about "The Landlord" and how it all started


(upbeat music)
- It was 2007 and at this point,
the internet was basically just a place for perverts
to talk dirty to each other.
- It was rubble, it was just a vast field of rubble.
- Suddenly, two shining talents from Hollywood,
Adam McKay and Will Ferrell came and taught Steve Jobs
and the entire internet how to do it right.
Can I say that copy I'm reading
sounds really self-aggrandizing?
- We gotta read it.
You actually skipped a line.
- I'm just not comfortable talking about,
you can do it if you want.
- Those two fellas came along and told Steve Jobs
and his Silicon Valley counterparts
to stop being (bleep) holes.
That's what the copy read.
- You're comfortable reading that?
- I love it, I'll even write into it.
- Basically what it was was we wanted to do fun sketches
on the internet, Will and I, up at his guest house,
goofing around, my daughter was there.
- Pearl, who was two years old at the time, I believe.
- That's correct.
- Is my nasty landlord, it is the day when she is there
to collect the rent, which I'm a little behind on.
- You don't have to raise your voice.
- Now, Pearl is now 12 years old.
- How is Pearl, what's she up to?
- I'd appreciate it if we don't get into my family.
- What's she up to?
- She doesn't live at home anymore,
she lives with a 22-year-old drummer
from Avril Lavigne's band.
- Whoa.
- And she lives in the valley and we haven't seen her
in three years.
- And she's 12.
- Yeah, The Landlord without exaggeration
destroyed our family.
But you know what, if you got a laugh out of it,
it was worth it.
- Gotta crack some eggs to make an omelet.
(upbeat music)
- 2008.
- 2009.
I didn't think we would be talking about stuff like this.
- 2010.
- 2011.
- I don't know what.
- It's my Trump.
- 13.
- 14
- 15.
- 2016, roll the clip.
- We're not doing roll the clips,
they're just cutting in stuff with us.
- Then that's fine.
- So roll clip doesn't do anything.