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Full Credits

Written by Jason Flowers
Directed & Edited by Matt Mayer
Starring: Pom Klementieff and Sheila Carrasco
Producer: Rob Hatch-Miller
Producer: Luke Esselen
Executive Producer: Kate Lilly
Director Of Photography: Matt Sweeney
Production Designer: Sage Griffin
Set Dresser: Lyla Flashman
Production Coordinator: Jack Bradley
Camera Operator: William Christensen
Gaffer: Alex Gracie
Key Grip: Jonathan Na
Wardrobe Stylists: Michelle Thompson and John Thompson
Hair & Makeup: Jessica Leigh Schwartz
Production Assistants: Nabeer Khan and Ryland Marcus
Thanks: Sarah Snedeker


(bright music)
->Sorry I'm late.Pom, hi.Hi.
->Did you have anI did, always.Okay.I'd just like to say, I had
such a great time starring
in this summer's Guardians
of the Galaxy Vol. 2.
So I remembered you asking me
to put together some
self-taped auditions for
each of this summer's
biggest blockbusters.
->Yeah, yeah, I did ask
you to do that, yeah.
Last summer.
->I finally got around to it,Okay, well, I don't think that VCRAttention beach goers,
it's me, the Rock.
I need everyone to get their jabroni asses
off my beach immediately
if you smellllll
what Baywatch is cooking.
Huh, what do you think?
->Well, I think that this
movie already came out.
->Ever heard of green screen?Yes.Whatever, I think I'm
perfect for this next one.
Tom, since you made me
your mummy girlfriend,
I've never been happier
and I wanna spend the
rest of my life with you
and be the mummy mommy
to our mummy kids.
What do you think?
Is that a mission impossible?
->Again, this movie has already come outThe ones you sent last summer?No, that's not the face that this...We're gonna pahk the cahdown in Hahvad YahdWhy are you auditioning for Spotlight?I think I'd be good in it.This movie won the Oscar two years ago.I'm sorry, an Oscar wouldn't
be good for my career?
->That's not how it works.Whatever!Okay, you can't audition
to be Al Gore the person.
->Because I'm a woman?You know what, Pom, I
think I've seen enough.
->Was it good?It's not really.It was good, right?Um.
->Do you think I'm good?Um...